Free UCAT (UKCAT) Situational Judgement Practice Questions

Try practice questions for this challenging section of the test.

Try sample questions from this final section of the test to assess how you would react to real life situations in a health-care environment. These test-like situational judgement UCAT (UKCAT) questions assess your ability to identify importance and appropriateness in a number of different scenarios. Some knowledge of medical professionalism principles is useful in answering these questions.

This section not only has the most questions on the test, with the usual limited time to answer, it's also the only section of the test scored on a band system between 1 & 4. Start to prepare for this section of the test, and monitor your results with our handy answers and explanations!

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Situational Judgement Practice Questions

Subtest length: 20 scenarios, 2 to 5 questions each (69 questions total)
Subtest timing: 26 minutes (20–30 seconds per scenario, then 10–15 seconds per question)

Sample length: 4 questions
Sample timing: 1 minute

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During a busy weekend on call, Jagdeep, a first year junior doctor, is called to see Mr Morley, an elderly patient on the ward, who is complaining of a headache. Jagdeep has never met Mr Morley before. On his arrival at the patient’s bed, Mr Morley takes one look at Jagdeep and states that he does not look old enough to be a doctor. Mr Morley says he should send someone more qualified instead. Jagdeep knows his seniors are busy seeing sick patients on other wards, and Jagdeep has many other tasks he must complete before the end of his shift.

How appropriate are each of the following responses by Jagdeep in this situation?

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Tell Mr Morley that he can examine him now or he will likely not be seen by another doctor for a few hours.

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Ask Mr Morley how old he thinks he is whilst having a read of his notes.

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Tell Mr Morley that he does not look his age either.

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Tell Mr Morley he will send another doctor to see him.