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Free UCAT (UKCAT) Decision Making Practice Questions

Try Logic Based Practice Questions

Test yourself with our free test-like sample questions, for one of the most unusual sections of the UCAT (UKCAT). Figure out exactly how to deal with types of questions found on this section with the answers and explanations available to monitor your results.

Sample questions range from multiple choice and 5-part questions with data sets, logic puzzles and diagrams.

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Decision Making Practice Questions

Subtest length: 29 questions (individual items, rather than sets)
Subtest timing: 31 minutes (1 minute per question)

Sample length: Three questions
Sample timing: 3 minutes

Question 1Show Details

A queue at a corner shop consists of four people: Hamza, Iris, Johnny and Kenzie. Each person is buying a different item, including drinks (milk, wine) and snacks (ice cream, biscuits).

The person buying biscuits is standing somewhere between Hamza and the person buying wine.
Iris isn’t buying a drink.
Johnny is standing directly behind the person buying milk.
Kenzie isn’t at the front of the queue.

Which of the following must be true?

Question 2Show Details

Should it be illegal to eat any meat from animals or any animal products, like milk or eggs?

Question 3Show Details

All my books are novels. Some of your books are non-fiction, but none of your books are biographies. This book is either yours or mine.
Place ‘Yes’ if the conclusion does follow. Place ‘No’ if the conclusion does not follow.

This book is a biography.
This book is not non-fiction.
If this book is mine, it is a novel.
If this book is not yours, it could be a biography.
If this book is not mine, it is not a biography.