Medical Student Guidance Sessions - Online

Get support from students who have been in your shoes

Guidance and support from medical school students

Kaplan is committed to ensuring you feel supported with your medical school applications. As part of our UCAT courses, we're offering students online guidance sessions led by current medical school students. There will be group guidance sessions available to all, and one-to-one guidance sessions available to a limited number of students.

Panel sessions

All UCAT students will have the chance to have direct contact with current medical school students during 1-hour med admissions panel events, available within the Future Doctors Channel. Each session will tackle different elements of the medical/dentistry school application process. These interactive Q&A sessions will allow you to ask questions, plus benefit from the answered questions of other students.

One-to-one medical school guidance

A limited number of students will also be eligible for a 1-hour long, one-to-one meeting with a current medical student. Receive tailored online medical school admissions guidance from a med student who has been in your shoes, and has mastered what it takes to get into medical school. Ask about the pain points you have with any stage of the medical school admissions process, and receive the benefit of their firsthand experience.

Meet the guidance providers!

The guidance sessions are led by current medicine and dentistry students who are in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of medical school, and who have experience providing support to prospective medics. Below are profiles of a few of the guidance providers from whom you could have the opportunity to receive support.

  • Madeleine, first year medical student

    Madeleine is studying medicine at the University of Birmingham, where she has just completed her first year. From her own experience, she recognises how daunting applying to medical school can appear. Through this programme, she plans to guide prospective applicants through the process, offering advice and support to help younger students reach their full potential.

  • Arjun, third year medical student

    Arjun is a third year dental student at the University of Bristol. Having firsthand experience of the gruelling process of getting into dental school, he realises how valuable guidance can be for a successful application.Therefore, he is keen to use his knowledge and experience to help aspiring medical/dental students in achieving their potential - a process that he finds thoroughly fulfilling.

  • Raian, first year medical student

    Raian is a first year medic at UCL. Having been a Kaplan student once, she wants to help others in the application process and give them the confidence and support they need to get to medical school. She currently helps mentor year 12 students with UCL, so she can’t wait to help current Kaplan students too!

  • Jeevan, second year medical student

    Jeevan is a second year medical student at the University of Nottingham. Being a Kaplan alum, he has been positively impacted by the work Kaplan does; providing guidance is a great opportunity for him to share his experiences and help give others confidence. He has a great deal of tutoring experience, and will provide guidance in a clear and useful manner.

  • Maeve, third year medical student

    Maeve is a 3rd year medic at the University of Southampton. She applied to Medicine as both a school leaver and graduate so she knows how hard it is to get in! She's provided support to potential medical students at interviews and through Southampton’s Widening Access to Medicine Society. She can't wait to provide useful and realistic guidance on how to get in, what to expect or what it’s really like.

Terms and Conditions

Please note that all advice given is the personal opinion of the guidance provider and should form only part of the research done by students and the parents on the process of applying to medical school; Kaplan cannot be accountable for decisions made by students or their parents based on the guidance given during either type of session.


  • You need to be a Kaplan student, enrolled in a comprehensive UCAT programme.
  • Students under the age of 18 must provide consent from parents or guardians to attend one-to-one session(s).

How are students selected for limited one-to-one guidance sessions?

The one-to-one guidance sessions are available for a limited number of Kaplan UCAT students. Students will be selected based on their attendance to the group guidance sessions: from there, selections will take place at random.


All sessions will be held online, and there will be no in-person interaction between the student and the guidance provider as part of the sessions. Students under the age of 16 will be required to attend one-to-one online sessions with a parent. Students below the age of 18 will be required to provide consent from a parent or guardian for participation in the one-to-one sessions.

Guidance providers are current medical students at UK medical schools. Please note, this programme of one-to-one guidance sessions does not meet the minimum regulatory criteria for a DBS check for guidance providers.

For further information please see our full terms and conditions here, to which you will be asked to agree to before enrolling in a session.

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