UCAT® Verbal Reasoning Workshop - $36

Section-specific UCAT tuition to target a high score.

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What to expect

The Verbal Reasoning booster for a higher UCAT score!

You're probably aware that the first section of the UCAT is one of the most time-pressured sections of the exam, containing 44 questions & 11 long passages with an average of 30 seconds to answer each question. If you're struggling with this section and need some targeted prep, you're in the right place with Kaplan - the most trusted and recommended provider of UCAT strategies for over 12 years. Our Verbal Reasoning Workshop compiles all of the most effective time-saving and score-boosting techniques for this section into a 2-hour live online class, led by a top-scoring UCAT tutor.

We provide a wealth of well-paced practice & guidance, so that you understand that the focus should not just be on getting the correct answer, but answering correctly in the shortest time possible.

Take this workshop to:

  • Develop a time-saving logical approach to assessing statements and answering questions
  • Learn how to tackle statements and questions perceptively without reading entire passages
  • Master the techniques to deal with common challenges such as long statements and negative questions
  • Receive test-like practice questions to continue your Verbal Reasoning practice in your own time
  • Gain the tactical skills to assess and accurately answer True/False/Can't Tell statements.
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Get £5 off this workshop when you enrol on the UCAT Question Bank or the UCAT Abstract Reasoning Workshop!

UCAT Verbal Reasoning Workshop provides:

Expert UCAT instructors

Our tutors will thoroughly prepare you and equip you with the confidence you need to excel in this section of the exam. These rigorously trained teachers score in the top 10% of UCAT test-takers and will give you ample opportunity to ask them questions directly within the live online room.

Verbal Reasoning questions

The workshop is taught with a breadth of Verbal Reasoning practice material. This includes 9 Verbal Reasoning sets with 36 questions to develop a score-raising approach.

A Homework Packet

Your Homework Packet will include an additional 6 Verbal Reasoning sets to continue fine-tuning your approach well after the class.


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Pricing & Schedules


Topic breakdown

Workshop agenda & topic overview

Preview the workshop structure and the content covered:

UCAT Verbal Reasoning Workshop
Topic 1: Introduction
Topic 2: Faulty Approaches to Verbal Reasoning
Topic 3: Pacing problems
Topic 4: Strategic approaches
Topic 5: Troubleshooting
Topic 6: Improving Performance