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Be Prepared for Test Day

Many students are thrown by the time pressure of the UCAT. By preparing with over 4900 realistic practice questions in our UCAT Question Bank (comprised of our simulated practice tests, timed section tests & quizzes), you'll be sure to start your real test knowing what to expect. This beneficial practice, in combination with the tips and strategies from the Kaplan UCAT course, or UCAT strategy channel sessions (included in this Question Bank), will also improve your speed and accuracy for test day.

Why Prepare With our UCAT Question Bank?

We will get you up to speed

Getting a top score on the UCAT is not just about getting the right answers: it's about beating the clock. Without a structured approach to the questions (averaging 30 seconds each to answer), you can easily run out of time.

Learn time-saving strategies on our UCAT Channel

Create quizzes to target specific sections & question types

Use timed practice & full-length practice tests to improve speed and simulate test day

Realistic practice questions from the test prep experts

We’ve been teaching the UCAT since 2007 and have seen firsthand how the test has evolved. The UCAT Question Bank is updated each year to reflect the most recent changes to the UCAT test.

Proven Curriculum

Our questions are not only representative of the test, but are designed to push you further than the competition. All questions undergo a comprehensive review to ensure accuracy.

What's Included?

Customisable Quizzes

Identify your weaker areas and build custom quizzes to target test sections and question types

  • Choose from thousands of test-like practice questions
  • Review personalised score reports
  • Select optional timed mode to focus on speed
  • Use tutor mode for explanations during the quizzes

Realistic Practice Tests

Practice under test day conditions with the same interface you'll see on test day, and with questions that are continuously reviewed and updated to ensure they are representative of the test.

  • 4 full-length practice tests
  • 4 timed section tests, covering Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning
  • Review and analyse your performance
  • Test-like interface
  • Representative content written by a dedicated team of curriculum experts

Future Doctors Channel

Learn time-saving test strategies and get admissions guidance through live and on demand webinars.

  • UCAT Strategy Sessions
  • Applying to Medicine
  • Life as a Medic

  • Over 4500 test-like practice questions
  • 4 full-length practice tests
  • Fully customisable quizzes
  • Personalised score reports
  • Future Doctors Channel

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