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Course details

Led by our most experienced teachers, this in-depth online course will teach you the strategies needed to unlock a high UCAT score. But your learning doesn’t end there - you’ll also get access to Kaplan’s comprehensive online resources, containing realistic practice tests and extensive revision materials. And if you ever get stuck, teacher support is always available.

Why take our UCAT Live Online course?

Established Online Courses

We’ve been teaching students live online since 2008, so it's nothing new to us. Globally, we’ve taught over 1 million students online and we’ve honed our online content and teaching strategies along the way.

The Best Teachers

Our teachers are current medical students who’ve scored in the 90th percentile on the UCAT. They’ve also passed more than 35 hours of rigorous training, with continuous professional development.

Proven Curriculum

Written by a dedicated team of curriculum experts, our course is designed to teach the most effective test-taking strategies, and is updated each year to reflect the most recent changes to the UCAT.

Comprehensive Online Resources

Practice tests that simulate the exam, additional realistic practice questions, on-demand video lessons, guidance and support from medical students and professionals, plus interview and personal statement webinars - it's all here.

Prep Until You’re Ready Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don’t feel ready to take the UCAT exam after your course, you can study again with Kaplan for free.

What's Included?

Expert live tuition

Our instructors will help you master every aspect of the UCAT and more. You get:

  • 10 hours of live online teaching for the UCAT
  • 20 hours of application guidance webinars by practising doctors, admissions guidance representatives and medical students via the Future Doctors Channel

Comprehensive Online Resources

With access until the UCAS deadline, you can revise and practice long after your live lessons have finished. This includes:

  • 6 full-length simulated practice tests
  • 30 section-focused quizzes
  • 500 mastery questions
  • 10 hours of on-demand video lessons
  • Progress tracker and weak area identifier
  • Unlimited teacher support

UCAT Course Books

Supplement your learning with books written by our experienced curriculum specialists:

  • UCAT Strategy Paperback Book - with practice questions and strategy explanations, it is designed to follow along with your course so you can easily annotate as you go. Available in paperback only, with free shipping included.
  • UCAT Plus Lessons eBook - it provides an extra hour-long lesson for each section of the UCAT test.
  • We recommend you allow 4-5 weeks (20-25 hours) to go through all of your resources after the course (2 weeks at a minimum).

    Want to prepare in less than 2 weeks? Check out our Rapid Revision course

    Shavanni, UCAT student

    "Thanks to Kaplan I had lots of practice and online resources, and all my questions were answered so I felt much more confident going in to the exam"

    • Teaching the UCAT Live Online since 2008
    • Qualified and trained teachers
    • Proven and up-to-date curriculum
    • Comprehensive online resources
    • Prep until you’re ready guarantee


    Is there a difference between a UCAT Classroom Course and a UCAT Live Online Course?

    The obvious difference between the two courses is that with a Live Online course, you will be engaging with the teacher digitally vs in person. The online classroom is extremely interactive and allows you to chat and engage face-to-face with your teacher and other students, whilst asking any questions you might have. Avenues for engagement in the live online class include polls, Q&A areas, group and individual chat functions, plus interactive whiteboards and slides with which the teacher will lead the course. Everything else in the two courses is the same.

    How does UCAT Live Online work?

    Our virtual classroom allows you to receive all the benefits of a live classroom course, but from home! 

    You won't need to install any software. When you join the virtual classroom, your teacher will encourage you to run the audio wizard to ensure that everything is set up correctly. We'll send your course materials to you through the post, so the only thing required for the course is internet access, and a computer with speakers or a headset so that you can hear your teacher.

    What will I see on my screen when I am in the virtual classroom?

    The virtual classroom has a number of features, so the layout of the screen will change according to what the teacher is reviewing. Features include presentation slides (which correspond with your course materials), UCAT questions, a question-and-answer box, chat areas, online polls and an onscreen whiteboard which the instructor will write on just like in a “real” classroom.

    I have questions about the Live Online Course - who should I contact?

    Please Contact Us or call us on 0207 930 3130.

    Course reviews from former Kaplan students

    Lauren B, a Birmingham Classroom Course Student, scored 3020, Band 3

    As I was the only student at my school sitting the UCAT, I felt I had little help and was concerned about how I would score. I feel taking part in the Kaplan course helped me massively as it provided me with skills and tips to allow me to succeed in the exam and get a score high enough to apply to the University of my choice. I can now happily say I start my Medicine degree at this University in just over a week - this may not have been possible without my help from Kaplan.

    Yue W, a Live Online Course Student, scored 3220, Band 1

    I really enjoyed the UCAT prep. It gave me some very useful advice particularly with triaging but the best thing about this course was probably the confidence and reassurance it gave me that it is possible to do well by putting in effort and it's not a game of luck.

    Alice S, a London Classroom Course Student, scored 2790, Band 1

    Kaplan was fantastic; it gave me the skills to tackle each section in a logical way, but also the teaching and the resources we were given meant that I continued to practice in a productive way. The methods I learnt from Kaplan, and the practice tests, meant I knew exactly what to expect from my UCAT test and how to approach each question. Without Kaplan, I definitely would have not got the score I did.

    Sammy G : "You can see the teaching is actually working."

    Sammy was referred to us by a current medical student who took a Kaplan course. She found the Kaplan strategies to be a helpful boost to the prep she did in advance.

    Rupert V W: “It’s a great way to kick-off my learning in the UCAT (UKCAT).”

    Rupert took the UCAT exam last year but didn’t get the high score needed for medical admission. This year he chose to take a Kaplan course based on recommendations, to boost his score.

    Arjun M : "I would really recommend it to someone who's deciding to do the UCAT (UKCAT)"

    Arjun was struggling with his UCAT (UKCAT) preparation before he learned Kaplan's techniques and strategies as part of his UCAT course. He really enjoyed the course and recommends it to anyone taking the UCAT.

    Charlotte P : "Strategies to overcome really difficult questions"

    Charlotte was recommended our UCAT (UKCAT) course by a friend. She found the Kaplan teacher's experience and advice invaluable over just studying from a book.

    Cherry Jade L : "When I go to sit the UCAT (UKCAT) I'll have the right stategies and know what to do"

    Cherry-Jade appreciates the importance of a high UCAT (UKCAT) score as part of a good medical application. She decided to take the Kaplan UCAT course after discovering that many medical students found the test harder than expected, and that the Kaplan course helped them to get a better result.

    Ronan L : "What we have been learning in the course is extremely beneficial"

    Ronan took the UCATSEN (UKCATSEN) and found it particularly useful that the teacher was able to adapt the course content so that no student was left behind.

    Sambhavi Kumar, 2018 UCAT (UKCAT) Student, scored 3220, Band 2

    I found Kaplan very helpful and definitely could not have scored as highly as I did without it. The classroom course was really well delivered, engaging throughout and quite motivating as well.

    The online resources were also very good for practise and were brilliant for familiarising myself with the test format.

    Shavanni scored an average of 743 on the UKCAT and band 2 for situational judgment.

    "Thanks to Kaplan I had lots of practice and online resources - I felt much more confident going in to the exam"

    Victoria scored 840 on the UKCAT with band 1 in situational judgment.

    "I found Kaplan's realistic practice tests and comprehensive answer explanations incredibly helpful as they helped me learn from my mistakes and build up my confidence"