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Channel Features

The Future Doctors Channel...

Future Doctors Channel is available as a Kaplan exclusive, providing additional UCAT (UKCAT) instruction and Medical School application guidance through free live streaming within the Online Study Centre. Available both Live Online and on demand, our unique Future Doctors Channel provides added value to your preparation.

Instruction is delivered by a range of Kaplan experts including practising doctors, current medical students, and admissions guidance representatives. Several topic areas are covered, such as the analysis of a strong personal statement, MMI medical interview tips, UCAT practice test reviews and much more! You can also chat with our expert channel speakers and students in real-time, ask questions and get instant answers. 

Access to the Med Admissions Channel is available from June on the 2-day UCAT Classroom Course, Live Online , Self Study and Private Tutoring courses.

Medical School Application Guidance!
UKCAT Channel

Kick-start the Medical School application process with confidence! Receive key tips on writing Medical School applications and preparing for university interviews from admissions team experts. The channel will also offer exclusive insights into the medical school experience from current medical students.

Over 20 hours of live instruction!
UKCAT Abstract Reasoning Practice Question 4

Extend your prep beyond the classroom to additional UCAT preparation techniques and support.

Access interactive live showings in your Online Study Centre, which become recorded episodes to ensure you don't miss out on vital guidance! We've designed the Future Doctors Channel with your convenience in mind, offering you the flexibility to access the channel as you wish.


What to watch

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Group Guidance with Medical Students

Learn about the admissions process from current medical school students. Each session will tackle different elements of the med school application process. Ask questions and learn from the experiences of medical school students on the panel.

Practice Test Reviews

Tune into these episodes to access even more UCAT instruction. Review your test results with in-depth teacher-led explanations, and refine your preparation for a higher UCAT score.

Life as a Practicing Doctor

Join discussions with practising doctors to get a taste of the many different paths that you can take in a medical career.

Analysis of a Strong Personal Statement

Learn the key characteristics that Medical School Admissions professionals look for in a stellar personal statement, and discover techniques to use in your application.

Most Common Interview Mistakes

Pinpoint the exact pitfalls to avoid in traditional and MMI medical school interviews. Get insight into ways that you can stand out amongst your peers!

What to Expect on UCAT Test Day

Run through the series of events that will take place on your UCAT Test Day, backed up with strategies you can use to prepare for each new scenario on the day of your test.

Interview Preparation: Hot Topics in the NHS

Stay on top of what's new in the NHS, including news that could impact your medical studies and future career. Prepare yourself to speak knowledgeably about these relevant NHS updates at your interviews.

Graduate Entry to Medicine

Understand the the process of applying to medical school as a graduate from someone who has been in that exact same position. Learn how to prepare yourself and stand out to medical schools.

Writing Your Best Personal Statement

Learn how to structure your personal statement and how to demonstrate your experience and skills in a way that will attract admissions teams to your application.