UCAT® Abstract Reasoning Workshop- $36

Section-specific UCAT tuition to target a high score.

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About the workshop

Dedicated Abstract Reasoning prep to boost your UCAT score!

The Abstract Reasoning section of the UCAT is notorious for being one of the most puzzling parts of the test, and at Kaplan, we have used our expertise from over 12 years of test-like UCAT preparation to master this section. Our Kaplan-unique 2-hour live online workshop will help students overcome the challenges of all types of UCAT Abstract Reasoning questions. The workshop is ideal for students who have not taken a comprehensive course, and would like to develop their skills for this particular section.

Each session is led by an expert UCAT tutor, who will teach you exactly how to avoid faulty techniques and common errors combined with the tactics to answer efficiently and correctly. Through a focus on strategic methods to finding patterns, you will also improve your speed and accuracy for an improved Abstract Reasoning score, and test-day success.

By joining this workshop you will:

  • Receive a detailed study of 5 common pattern categories on this test section.
  • Understand the challenges of this section and the pitfalls to avoid when approaching it.
  • Develop a score-raising and logical approach to accurate pattern finding in limited time.
  • Come away with test-like practice questions to continue your Abstract Reasoning practice at home.
  • Build the skills to tackle all 4 types of Abstract Reasoning questions that would appear on the test.
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UCAT Abstract Reasoning Workshop provides:

Targeted practice & guidance

This 2-hour UCAT Abstract Reasoning Workshop is held within a live online room, where you can interact directly with your tutor and other students. The workshop will provide concentrated pacing, practice and support for this section of the exam.

Expert UCAT instructors

Our tutors, who score in the top 10% of UCAT test-takers, will thoroughly prepare you to master this section of the exam.

Over 100 Abstract Reasoning questions

The workshop will be taught with a breadth of Abstract Reasoning practice material. This includes 22 Abstract Reasoning sets with 110 questions to develop a score-raising approach.

A Homework Packet

This Homework Packet will include an additional 6 Abstract Reasoning sets to master your prep for the test.


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Topic breakdown

Workshop agenda & topic overview

Preview the workshop structure and the content covered.

UCAT Abstract Reasoning Workshop
Topic 1: Abstract Reasoning Challenges
Topic 2: Faulty Approaches to Abstract Reasoning
Topic 3: Common Errors
Topic 4: Strategic Approaches
Topic 5: Arrangement Patterns
Topic 6: Troubleshooting
Topic 7: Improving Performance