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Many of these students took the UCAT test before it was renamed UKCAT. You will find many instances within their feedback where the test is referred to as the UKCAT. However, please note, that the test strategies and techniques which these students learnt apply to the UCAT in the exact same way!

Anouk W : “I really like the engaging and interactive classroom environment… It’s a safe space that really helps to make the most out of the course”
Anouk found out about the Kaplan Course from a fellow med school applicant who recommended the course. She thought that the tips that she learnt in order to answer questions quickly and astutely made a real difference to her marks.
Syed H : “The teaching method on a Kaplan UCAT course was something which was highly recommended”
Syed found out about the Kaplan course by current medical students who said that it helped them to achieve a good score on the UCAT. He has seen for himself how Kaplan strategies and tips provide a solid structure to answer the questions on the test.
Theerththa J : “I learnt tips to approach questions in a way I wouldn’t have known before”
Theerththa took a course with us because a lot of her friends who had taken it said how helpful it was for them. She found that the tutors were interactive and created an open environment to ask questions without being afraid of being wrong!
Arjun M : "I would really recommend it to someone who's deciding to do the UKCAT"
Arjun was struggling with his UCAT (UKCAT) preparation before he learned Kaplan's techniques and strategies as part of his UCAT course. He really enjoyed the course and recommends it to anyone taking the UCAT.
Cherry Jade L : "When I go to sit the UKCAT I'll have the right stategies and know what to do"
Cherry-Jade appreciates the importance of a high UCAT (UKCAT) score as part of a good medical application. She decided to take the Kaplan UCAT course after discovering that many medical students found the test harder than expected, and that the Kaplan course helped them to get a better result.
Charlotte P : "Strategies to overcome really difficult questions"
Charlotte was recommended our UCAT (UKCAT) course by a friend. She found the Kaplan teacher's experience and advice invaluable over just studying from a book.
Hernani A: "It's intense but also a very relaxed environment so if we fail it's OK we learn from it"
Hernani had a great experience which helped him build up confidence ahead of the test. He learnt many useful tips including 'how to guess' if you don't know the answer.
Ronan L : "What we have been learning in the course is extremely beneficial"
Ronan was taking the UKCATSEN and found it particularly useful that the teacher was able to adapt the course content so that no student was left behind.
Tommy F: "It's definately going to boost my UKCAT score"
Tommy took the course on the recommendation of his mother who is a G.P. He made good use of the online and physical resources that come with the course.
Rebecca : "I feel a lot more confident in terms of the actual test and getting a good result"
Rebecca found the course to be a fun and relaxed environment that helped her kick off her UCAT (UKCAT) preperation. She learnt tips for the different sections and gained a better understanding of the time constraints.
Sammy G : "You can see the teaching is actually working."
Sammy was referred to us by a current medical student who took a Kaplan course. She found the Kaplan strategies to be a helpful boost to the prep she had done in advance.
Vidajena V : "It gave me the confidence to help all the other parts of the medical application"
Vidajena understands that the UCAT (UKCAT) is the most difficult part of the application process, and the Kaplan course has given her the confidence to succeed. She found the course interesting and liked the fact that it is multicultural.
Eleni M : "Strategies and techniques that you cannot find anywhere else."
Eleni flew from Thessaloniki, Greece just to attend the Kaplan UCAT (UKCAT) course (and to see London of course). She found the time management techniques the most valuable asset of the course.
Tarun D : "Very happy that I decided to undertake the 2-day course with Kaplan"
Tarun decided to take a Kaplan UCAT (UKCAT) course because his cousin, now a medical student, took one and got a really high score. He thinks the time management techniques he learnt are invaluable.
Ali A : "It’s a short but intense course."
Ali found the teacher to be very helpful and always ready to help with further enquiries. He also appreciated the 300-page booklet that comes with the course as a valuable revision resource.
Jayan C : "Help through methods and how to answer different sections."
Jayan found the Kaplan methods and strategies to be really helpful, particularly the timing strategies. He had the Kaplan UKCAT book and decided to upgrade his prep to a classroom course.
Qayim K : "A lot of doctors have advised people to take the Kaplan UKCAT course."
Qayim says he found the Kaplan methods invaluable and something he wouldn’t have learned otherwise. He chose us because of recommendations from friends and doctors.
Emily B: "I find the concise methods we’ve been provided with really useful."
This was Emily’s second attempt at the UCAT (UKCAT). Last year she was unsuccessful and now she needed a course that can definitely boost her score. We think you made the right choice Emily.

I found Kaplan very helpful and definitely could not have scored as highly as I did without it. The classroom course was really well delivered, engaging throughout and quite motivating as well. The online resources were also very good for practise and were brilliant for familiarising myself with the test format.

Sambhavi Kumar, 2018 UKCAT Student, Scored 3220, Band 2

I am very happy that I decided to undertake the 2-day course with Kaplan. I have sat the UKCAT more than once and I can see a complete difference that the training has made on my score. The practice examples, techniques and past papers were brilliant and really gave me that preparation for the exam day. Most importantly, I would like to thank the tutor herself. She was a real joy to learn from, she was very inspiring, truthful and was the main component of what made Kaplan so helpful to me. I wish good luck to all other students as I can strongly recommend the course and the confidence it will instil for succeeding on exam day.

Ambica B, London Classroom Course student. Scored 2,860 Band 1.

I took the course with Kaplan two application cycles in a row and both times they were the most important part of my preparation. I had all the help books, all the CD help disks and none of it was helping. The Kaplan course pushed my average up by over two hundred points, including getting 900 on two sections. My UKCAT score was the best part of my application this year and it was all thanks to Kaplan. The teachers are super helpful and really know how to help PLUS they really want to, even up to on the day!!

Tabitha E, London Classroom Course Student. Scored 2830, Band 1.

I really enjoyed my course with Kaplan and it helped my preparation for my UKCAT exam. The book that I was given was really useful and gave me loads of extra questions to practice with. I wouldn't have done nearly as well without all of Kaplan's helpful practice tests.

Miranda S, Edinburgh Classroom Course Student. Scored 2780, Band 1.

A very informative course which taught me all the techniques required for the UKCAT. My instructor was great, and the resources provided were equally as helpful. The use of periodic tests helped me track my progress, as did the online tests, which closely modelled the official UKCAT format.

Lawrence Q, Manchester Classroom Course Student. Scored 2830, Band 1.

Excellent, the course materials provided were really comprehensive and the online tests and resources were invaluable.

Ayesha S. Reading Classroom Course student. Scored 2880, Band 1.

This course is one of the main reasons I achieved a place at medical school. It gives you a massive confidence boost over all the other candidates you are competing against. It really does prepare you for one of the hardest tests I have ever done. After the course you know exactly what to expect and all the small things you can do to ensure you get the highest result possible.

Thomas G, Birmingham Classroom Course Student. Scored 2830, Band 1.

Hi, I just want to say that the Kaplan UKCAT course is absolutely fab-fantastic. The immediate practice-based approach gets you already producing great results once you're a few hours in (even without any prior knowledge of UKCAT). I think what stands out most with this course is that you not only learn how just to do the UKCAT, you learn a lot about prioritisation and time management - skills you can apply to manipulating and getting the most out of any UKCAT section. Prior to taking this course, I had looked to learning from a lot of youtube videos, but the lack of structure and omission of what I consider the essential building blocks were omitted; and of course the in-depth knowledge on the 'how' and 'why' were completely non-existent. The course topic flow is just about right, and the online resources that were provided where absolutely amazing. I can't count how many times I referred to the lessons while doing my test. The high point for this course is the exquisite delivery by Wilson, the tutor - every detail is well explained; and the course provides a wealth of knowledge. I have no complaints whatsoever on the course, and I am more than satisfied with what I got out of it with the investment I made. In summary, I absolutely loved it. Great experience!! Thank you very much for the great training.

Nirmal P, London Classroom Course Student. Scored 3130, Band 3.

The amount of confidence that the course gave me was utterly invaluable. I truly believe that the stress would have made me fold completely, if I had not had the extra materials to guide me. The atmosphere wasn't intimidating and I felt like I could ask any questions without fear of being ridiculed or ignored. Booked the BMAT course without hesitation. First class.

Charlotte B, Cardiff Classroom Course Student. Scored 2830, Band 1.

The classroom course was well organised and very helpful in teaching specific approaches to each section. I found the online material especially helpful. Completing a practice test every day in the week leading up to my test really helped to prepare me!

Molly P, Oxford Classroom Course Student. Scored 2810, Band 1.

I really enjoyed the UKCAT prep. It gave me some very useful advice particularly with triaging but the best thing about this course was probably the confidence and reassurance it gave me that it is possible to do well by putting in effort and it's not a game of luck.

Yue W, Live Online Course Student. Scored 3220, Band 1.

Was quite skeptical before attending the class as to how it could help as I had always been told it was not possible to prepare for UKCAT, but was willing to try Kaplan as I had only got 2500 the previous year. Kaplan improved my score massively by teaching me that UKCAT was a skill and helped me better mine. The online tests that Kaplan supply after the class are extremely helpful as well. Would 100% recommend it.

Marion M, Manchester Classroom Course Student. Scored 2990, Band 1.

I loved the course. It was very well delivered and made you work all the time you were there. The hints and tips were so useful and the constant practice really prepared for the test. Last year I took the test without the course and was the the 3rd percentile, this year I'm in the 8th (only 10 points from the 9th) a major improvement. THANK YOU KAPLAN!!

Amy M, Edinburgh Classroom Course Student. Scored 2700, Band 1.

The course was well worthwhile and excellently run. I did the UKCAT last year without a course and really struggled, but Kaplan help you to understand the questions and teach you the best way to tackle the problems. I had a bad day when I took the test but I still improved greatly on my previous score because of the help Kaplan gave me on the course. I would recommend it to anyone taking the UKCAT.

David F, York Classroom Course Student. Scored 2780, Band 1.

Very useful course, the online mocks and practice tests afterwards were so useful and definitely helped me get a good score :)

Jonny D, London Classroom Course Student. Scored 3100, Band 1.

Kaplan was fantastic; it gave me the skills to tackle each section in a logical way, but also the teaching and the resources we were given meant that I continued to practice in a productive way. The methods I learnt from Kaplan, and the practice tests, meant I knew exactly what to expect from my UKCAT test and how to approach each question. Without Kaplan, I definitely would have not got the score I did.

Alice S, London Classroom Course Student. Scored 2790, Band 1.

Very accurate, insightful and extensive. Couldn't have done without all those practice tests. A fantastic course and extremely helpful practice materials.

Amrite S, London Classroom Course Student. Scored 2800, Band 1.

Kaplan provided the backbone to my medical school application. The course and material enabled me to score very highly, all but guaranteeing me interviews at many top Unis. Would definitely recommend, worth every penny!

Daniel H, London Classroom Course Student. Scored 3190, Band 1.

The Kaplan Course was very helpful as it taught me valuable tips for completing questions and also gave me many online resources to use, which were essential for understanding the format and timing for such a difficult exam.

Nabeela B, London Classroom Course Student. Scored 2920, Band 1.

Really informative and helped me to take the first step forward in my preparation for the UKCAT. The extra online material provided also really helped to practice all the strategies that Kaplan taught me. These strategies have helped me to save a lot more time and answer questions I would have been unable to in the given time constraints. I would really recommend going, especially several weeks before test day.

Isobel A, Sheffield Classroom Course Student.

I would not have been able to score 732.5 average and band 1 without help from Kaplan! The teacher was friendly and explained all of my queries really well!

Aisha C, London Classroom Course Student. Scored 2930, Band 1.

As I was the only student at my school sitting the UKCAT, I felt I had little help and was concerned about how I would score. I feel taking part in the Kaplan course helped me massively as it provided me with skills and tips to allow me to succeed in the exam and get a score high enough to apply to the University of my choice. I can now happily say I start my Medicine degree at this University in just over a week - this may not have been possible without my help from Kaplan.

Lauren B, Birmingham Classroom Course Student. Scored 3020, Band 3.

Excellent...Well organized course and suitable venue .. I had 4 weeks to practice the material which I thought helped , I would recommend the course and would recommend about 4-5 weeks gap between course and UKCAT Thanks

Saadat A, Manchester Classroom Course Student. Scored 3020, Band 1.

Surprisingly really helpful. The techniques worked really well in my final test, and the online practice tests were the key part of the whole thing.

Josephine H, Birmingham Classroom Course Student. Scored 3150 Band 1.

It was great doing the week long course to get the feeling of what it would be like on the actual day. The numerous practice tests definitely helped a lot for the exam.

Sohani D, Live Online Course Student. Scored 2620.

My experience with Kaplan was very good and overall I felt it adequately prepared me for my UKCAT. I took my Kaplan course in London and our teacher was Ben who did an exceptional job of teaching by making sure everyone understood how to answer each question using the Kaplan method.

Task T, London Classroom Course Student. Scored 2820

Without the test prep i most probably would not have achieved that. It was very informative and helpful.

Gagan S, London Classroom Course Student. Scored 2740, Band 2.

Fantastic, it gave me all the secret tips that give you an edge on test day; particularly with Abstract Reasoning!

Archie H, Oxford Classroom Course Student. Scored 3030.

I had an amazing experience with Kaplan. I found the course extremely helpful and my teacher friendly and approachable.

Portia S, London Classroom Course Student. Scored 2720, Band 2.

Everything you need to get you a fantastic ukcat score. excellent course with good hot timing saving tips. Is it worth the money ? Most definitely YES. Gives you an advantage of knowing what to expect, time restrictions, back to basic maths and more. best of all after taking the course you get on line support with more practice questions. Want to score high on ukcat then all you need to do is book Kaplan, five star quality and fantastic preparation tips.

Odette N, Bristol Classroom Course Student.

I found Kaplan's UKCAT course a highly motivating, informative and helpful programme. I was achieving very low scores across the board and with the help of the tutor and the techniques of triage and step by step practice guides I achieved a score that makes me a competitive applicant for dental school. This may have been the most worthwhile investment I will make in my life as it may be the difference of me realising dream vocation. Thank you Kaplan!

Martin L, Edinburgh Classroom Course Student. Scored 2552, Band 2.

Very helpful. The tips and tricks helped me increase my pace and accuracy and really stuck with me on test day. I would definitely recommend Kaplans UKCAT course for people taking the UKCAT next year!

Alice G, London Classroom Course Student. Scored 2730, Band 1.

I found the resource material quite helpful and the solutions were very detailed which boosted my exam confidence.

Ebun K, Live Online Course Student. Scored 2250, Band 1.

Very helpful and made it easier to revise further, focusing on speed. Made the whole test less daunting.

George F, Newcastle Classroom Course Student. Scored 2840, Band 1.

It was very helpful and I understood the test and also some key techniques.

Despoina T, Live Online Course Student. Scored 2500.

Very good, gave me lots of useful strategies to enable me to complete the test in the required time and to a high standard.

Lydia J, London Classroom Course Student. Scored 2790, Band 1.