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Familiarise yourself with the SAT's format with our free, 4-hour, realistic online practice test. It's the first step to setting goals and building your confidence. Afterwards you'll get a detailed score report showing what your strengths and weaknesses are and answers and explanations for each question.

Our comprehensive courses will use your result to guide your studies, by making recommendations on where to begin and what areas to focus on, so you make the most of your study time.

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Realistic online practice test

See what your SAT Score would look like today! You will be able to see what the SAT's time constraints will be like, and experience the same question types you will face on the test, learn how to pace yourself so you can get the highest score you can. You will also find out which areas you'll need to focus on during the rest of your SAT studies.

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Hint: You'll need approximately 4 hours to complete this free, online SAT practice test. Make sure you take it in a quiet place where you'll have a strong internet connection and no interruptions. Remember, no matter how you score on your free practice exam, you can use what you learn as a starting point for guiding the rest of your SAT prep plan. We're here to help — through the practice test and beyond.

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