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Writing Practice Questions

Question DetailShow Details

Read the following passage and correct the underlined portions by selecting the correct answer choice below.

[1] Lactic acid does not form during normal daily activities because our muscles have a small store of ATP available, which is easily replenished as it is used. [2] More intense activity, however, quickly uses up that store once the store is used up, and if the level of oxygen needed for the activity is greater than the amount of reaching the muscles, lactic acid starts to build up. [3] The buildup of lactic acid occurs most quickly while engaging in so-called power sports, such as sprinting. [4] After we stop exercising, you continue to breathe harder in order to get enough oxygen to convert the lactic acid back to pyruvic acid, to be used in the normal cycle once again. [5] As a result, ,lactic acid does not return to normal immediately after we stop exercising.

Question 1Show Details

Which choice provides the least support for the central idea of this paragraph?

Question 2Show Details

Correct the underlined section found in sentence 2.

Question 3Show Details

Correct the underlined word found in sentence 4.

Question 4Show Details

Based on the information in the graph, which choice, if added here, would provide the most effective conclusion to the passage?