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SAT Prep Options

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The SAT is an admissions test required when applying to American universities (either in the US or internationally). Unlike the usual content-based exams of the British school system, the SAT tests students' aptitude and critical thinking. Therefore, whilst it is at a similar level to A-Levels, the format is quite different. Try one of our FREE SAT Practice Tests or a shorter FREE Turbo Test to familiarise yourself with the format and timing.

The ideal time for you to try your first attempt at the SAT is in the winter/spring term of Year 12. This gives you the time needed to prep without interfering with your A-Level studies. Use our timeline to plan your application process.

Kaplan SAT Test Prep Options:

Live Online

Hosted on our new and improved platform, our Live Online course consists of 6 three-hour sessions and is accessible across all mobile devices. Raise your virtual hand and chat to your teacher, all from the convenience of your home!

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On Demand

Can't attend a live class? Study at your own pace with 24/7 online access to video tutorials from our expert teachers. Learn score-raising strategies for every topic tested on the SAT and receive access to 1000 online practice questions.

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In Person Course

**Delivered Live Online in 2020**

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Private Tutoring
from $985

Receive individual instruction from our expert SAT tutors Live Online or In Person. A great option for in-depth review of the SAT with the added benefit of a customised learning experience based on your weaker areas of study.

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SAT Channel

Kaplan learning is evolving. Our exclusive SAT Channel is the next step in the evolution of test prep.

Exclusive to Kaplan! Students who enrol in our Live Online, In Person or Private Tutoring course receive immediate access to our SAT Channel. Built on decades of test prep analysis and approved by a team of learning experts, it puts you at the centre of the test prep process.

The SAT Channel gives you more content to transform your leaning experience. It provides a new way to learn, both live online and on demand. With hundreds of hours of live streaming instruction and our most highly rated SAT teachers, the SAT Channel gives you more content and flexibility than any other prep solution. In addition to live online delivery, all episodes are recorded so you can access them on demand anywhere, any time.


  • Flexible Hours: Offering more hours of live online and on demand instruction than any major prep provider. So you can catch-up on any missed sessions and never miss a beat
  • Variety: One channel, many episodes. Whether you need to focus on reading, maths or writing, our SAT Channel episodes cover every topic on the exam
  • Targeted Review: Spot your challenging areas and learn from your mistakes to boost performance
  • Unlimited Access: From the day you enrol, you'll have unique, any time live episodes. When you tune in live, you can chat with an instructor and other students in real-time, ask questions and get instant answers

How does it work?

Simply enrol in one of our SAT courses today (*excluding SAT Self-Paced), and you'll have access to the SAT Channel tonight! Check out more details on how this feature works and can help you by visiting our SAT Channel page.




Which should you take?

It really is a personal preference and it also depends on what your universities of choice accept in terms of university entrance exams.

While the SAT plays to some students' strengths, it isn't the best choice for others. Same goes for the ACT. Both exams have a similar structure, yet the tests are challenging in different ways. For example, the SAT emphasises reading and vocabulary while the ACT includes a science section. Whatever your preference, it's important to choose the right exam for you! Or, if you're unsure, there is no harm in taking both!

Take the SAT or ACT quiz to find out which is more suited for you! If you'd like a more in-depth test diagnosis, take our SAT and ACT practice tests and see which you score highest on.

Visit our SAT vs. ACT page today to find out more.

Course reviews from former Kaplan students

Aditya S., SAT In Person Summer Programme Student

I took Kaplan's SAT prep course in the summer and I received a final SAT score of 2230. I thought the classroom course was really brilliant and there is no way I'd have gotten anything close to that score without Kaplan's help. Definitely huge feedback from me!


SAT Classroom Student, October 2016         

There are so many resources available at your hands once you sign up. Not only do you have your instructor, they also help you work through the book and you have loads of online resources.

SAT In Person Course Student

Kaplan was very helpful in not only helping me understand the material better but also in giving useful tips and methods on how to answer the questions efficiently.

SAT Live Online Student

Prep through Kaplan puts you at a higher advantage than most because you tackle the core topics that you'll see on the test. The instructors are also there for you.

SAT Self-Paced Student

I have already recommended this course to at least three or four people because of the great study services.


SAT In Person Course Student

I feel as though my instructor put a lot of time and effort behind each and every one of his lesson plans. He was thorough with his advice to help everyone in the class improve on the SAT.


SAT Live Online Student

The Kaplan methods were incredibly helpful since they kept every question organised. I learned a lot more than I would have if I had tried to study on my own. The practice tests really created an accurate test setting and gave instant feedback with detailed answers and explanations. I find myself unconsciously using the Kaplan methods at school, and they have helped me achieve better academic levels in many subjects.


SAT In Person Student, January 2018

Really helpful course and also made more enjoyable by staff. Timings appropriate not having to get up extremely early or get home very late.

SAT In Person Student- Half-Term Programme

Great teacher! Taught me so much In such little time . Highly recommend Corinne as she really helps you understand the work and takes the time to explain things you do not understand. One of the best teachers I have ever had!