Medical School Interview Questions

Medical School Interview Sample Questions

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Q1. Medical Ethics

'Everyone should have the right to assisted suicide.’
Do you agree with this statement?
Explain your answer.

Q2. Practicing Medicine

Why does this university’s medical programme appeal to you?

Q3. Questions About You

What are your main weaknesses?

Q4. The NHS

What do you know about the GMC?

Q5. Data Analysis

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Describe the graph below
  2. Interpret the data
Q6. Medical Ethics

A couple comes to a genetic counseling service. The couple already has one child with Down’s syndrome and are interested in having a second child; however, they are concerned about their ability to handle having two children with Down’s Syndrome. The couple would like to know the probability of having a second child with Down’s Syndrome before moving forward.
The consultant runs the appropriate tests and finds that the couple has a 0% chance of having a child with Down’s syndrome, meaning that the first child unbeknownst to one or both of the parents is not a child of these two parents.
What should the consultant do?

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