MMI Interview Practice Questions

MMI Interview Practice Questions

Get an idea of what you’ll face on the real MMI interview! Try our challenging MMI practice questions and see if you can answer them correctly. Alternatively, download the pdf version.

Q1. Communicating & Problem Solving

A friend calls you from the hospital with the news that he has been diagnosed with acute appendicitis. He has asked you to bring a hospital bag for him as soon as possible. You only have space to bring 5 items for him for an unspecified amount of time. What do you bring and why?

Q2. Medical Ethics & the NHS

A new drug that claims to cure HIV is available through a study. A patient walks in requesting to be placed on this study; however, you know that the data shows the drug to be less than or as successful as current approved HIV treatments. How do you advise the patient and why?

Q3. Communicating & Problem Solving

You are a GP filling in for Dr. Rupp who has called in ill for the day. You have been warned that Mrs. Grady in room 307 does not respond well to medical professionals other than Dr. Rupp; however, her test results have been returned and Mrs. Grady has stage 2 lung cancer. It is your job to inform Mrs. Grady of the results and to refer her to an oncologist. Your interviewer will be playing Mrs. Grady, please let her know the results.

Q4. About the Applicant

What experience do you think has most prepared you for a career in medicine and why?

Q5. Data Analysis

Type 2 diabetes is a disease where the pancreas either makes insulin that does not function or not enough insulin for the body. This causes glucose to become stuck in the patient’s blood instead of the glucose making its way into cells.

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Describe the two line graphs below.
  2. Suggest reasons as to why the two line graphs differ.

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