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Course Overview

Comprehensive MMI Interview Course

Kaplan's MMI Interview Strategy and Practice course comes at a crucial time when many more medical schools require MMIs as part of their application process. Our 1-day course provides you with the strategic formula for each type of classic MMI station, which will enable you to answer questions in a clear way that showcases your strengths. Opportunities for authentic practice with immediate peer feedback are also offered, meaning that you're able to get the best of both theory and practice. You will receive a workbook of MMI questions to practice in your own time and review when needed.

The course is led by medical doctors and dentists with experience of the medical school admissions process, ensuring you're taught by experts who can guide you to success. You'll have the opportunity to observe and participate in live sample responses, so you can be confident that you're basing your interview delivery on model answers. The MMI stations will be catered to each student, depending on the course that they are applying to - and for those applying to dentistry, you can be assured that the course will include dentist-specific MMIs and strategy content.

What you'll accomplish by taking our comprehensive MMI Interview course

  • Learn specific content needed for MMIs, including medical ethics and current NHS hot topics
  • Practice and improve skills that are tested in MMIs, such as dexterity, communication and breaking bad news
  • Develop a strategy and framework to answer each common type of MMI station


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Topic Areas


Course Structure & Lesson Breakdown

View a chronological preview of the course outline and get a good idea of the topics which will be covered.

MMI Strategy & Practice Course
Welcome, introductions & course overview
Lesson 1: Interview Mastery Techniques
Lesson 2: Data Analysis & Drug Calculations
Lesson 3: Medical Ethics
Lesson 4: Hot Topics in the NHS
Lesson 5: Communication Skills
Lesson 6: Teamwork/Instruction
Lesson 7: Role Playing
Lesson 8: Traditional Interview Questions
Close & Wrap Up


Use our FAQs to help you select from the available options for medical school interview preparation.

1. What’s the difference between the Kaplan MMI Circuit Practice, MMI Strategy and Skills course, and an Interview Preparation course?

The Kaplan Interview Preparation course is comprehensive and provides strategies for approaching the topic areas that are covered in traditional panel interviews, with the opportunity for 1:1 practice.

The Kaplan MMI Circuit Practice course offers realistic practice for the MMI with 2 full multiple mini-interview circuits made up of 20 stations.

The MMI Strategy and Skills course combines both theory and practice to give you the best of both worlds in tackling MMIs.

2. I start year 12 in September. Will I need to consider either the MMI course options or the Medical School Interview Preparation course?

If you’re just finishing your GCSEs, there’s still time before making decisions on medical school interview preparation. An initial step would be to gather more knowledge about the medical schools to which you can apply, in order to see which interview style they use.

3. I’m starting year 13 in September. Which interview preparation course should I consider?

You should initially consider the MMI Strategy and Skills course or MMI Circuit Practice, as most universities will require MMI practice. If you know that you are applying to a university who will carry out panel interviews, you should consider the Interview Preparation course.

4. How do I decide on the interview course I should take when I haven’t received interview offers yet?

You can get in touch with the medical schools where you have applied, and see which of them run panel interviews or MMI. This will help you understand the style(s) on which to focus your practice.

5. I’m quite nervous about the unusual dynamic of MMIs, but also need to brush up on interview topics like the NHS and medical ethics. Which option do I go for?

We advise that you opt for our MMI Strategy and Skills course if you’re looking for support on MMI stations but also interview topics.

6. Can I take more than one interview prep course?

Absolutely. This is particularly applicable if you're applying to universities that require you to sit different types of interviews. Plus, if you are only applying to universities that run MMIs as part of their interview process, you may decide after attending the MMI Strategy and Skills course that you want more intensive practice. You will find more MMI practice opportunity in the MMI Circuit Practice course. What's more - you can save up to £30 if two courses are purchased together.