About Med School Interviews

Types of Medical Interview

After you have followed the steps for a successful medical school application you will need to prepare for your interview. These fall into two types, the Traditional Panel Interview and the increasingly popular Multiple Mini interviews - also referred to as MMI's.

Traditional Panel Interview

Panel interviews are usually led by a combination of university faculty staff, tutors and medical school students. The interview usually lasts around 15 -20 minutes and in terms of questions to expect, the interviewers will usually ask to learn more about academic achievements, work experience, and your motivation for applying. It's likely that some of the points mentioned in your personal statement may appear at your interview.

Try some sample Interview Preparation questions to familiarise yourself with the different interview question styles, or sign up to attend an Interview Prep course to be fully prepared.

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Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) are very different in structure and style to panel interviews - applicants are required to pass through various interview stations until they complete a circuit of interviews.

MMIs usually last around 2 hours, depending on the number of stations. Each station lasts around 10 minutes with 8-10 per circuit (depending on the university), and they are usually led by medical school admissions staff and students, with professional actors enlisted too. In terms of what to expect from each station, they are designed to assess your response to settings which mirror medical school student and practicing doctor experiences.

We provide free MMI sample questions to get a sample of the types of questions to expect. Alternatively, you can book to attend a 1-day MMI class to prepare thoroughly for these interviews and feel confident on the day of your MMIs.

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Interview Method by University- 2021 Entry
University Method
University of Aberdeen Medical SchoolMMI
Anglia Ruskin University School of MedicineMMI
Aston University Medical SchoolMMI
University of Birmingham Medical SchoolMMI
Brighton and Sussex Medical SchoolMMI
University of Bristol Medical SchoolMMI
University of Buckingham Medical SchoolMMI
University of Cambridge School of Clinical MedicinePanel
Cardiff University School of MedicineMMI
University of Dundee School of MedicineMMI
Edge Hill University Medical SchoolMMI
University of East Anglia, Norwich Medical SchoolMMI
University of Edinburgh Medical SchoolMMI
University of Exeter Medical SchoolMMI
University of Glasgow School of MedicinePanel
Hull York Medical SchoolMMI
Imperial College London School of MedicineMMI
Keele University School of MedicineMMI
Kent and Medway Medical SchoolMMI
King’s College London School of Medical EducationMMI
Lancaster University Medical SchoolMMI
University of Leeds Medical SchoolMMI
University of Leicester Medical SchoolMMI
Lincoln Medical SchoolMMI
University of Liverpool School of MedicineMMI
University of Manchester School of MedicineMMI
Newcastle University Medical SchoolMMI
University of Nottingham School of MedicineMMI
University of Oxford Medical SchoolPanel
Plymouth University Peninsula Medical SchoolMMI
Queen Mary University, Barts and the London School of MedicinePanel
Queen’s University Belfast, Medical SchoolMMI
University of Sheffield Medical SchoolMMI
University of Southampton Faculty of MedicinePanel
University of St Andrews Medical SchoolMMI
St George’s, University of LondonMMI
University of Sunderland School of MedicineMMI
University College London Medical SchoolMMI
University of Central Lancashire Medical SchoolMMI
Source: Medical Schools Council