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Kaplan Test Prep are the forerunners in UCAT and BMAT preparation. We are also experts in online learning, and have decade-long expertise in this area. You can rest assured that our resources will support you in the most test-like way possible.

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Build your medical school admissions confidence by accessing comprehensive or targeted prep options with ample practice and unique score-raising strategies for the UCAT & BMAT, plus a wealth of practice and guidance for interview prep.

UCAT Preparation

Our popular UCAT options are reinforced with live or recorded teaching by top scoring tutors, plus comprehensive test-like practice resources and score-raising techniques. Our options include:

UCAT Live Online or Self Study
UCAT Classroom Course
UCAT Private Tutoring
UCAT Question Bank or Workshops

BMAT Preparation

Our comprehensive BMAT options offer live or recorded teaching from tutors in the top 10% of BMAT test-takers, plus score-raising strategies and practice materials. Our options include:

BMAT Live Online or Online Course
BMAT Classroom Course
BMAT Private Tutoring
BMAT Question Bank or Workshops

Interview & MMI preparation

Supercharge your chances of getting into medical school with our popular personal statement review service and interview prep courses:

MMI Strategies & Skills Course
MMI Circuit Practice
Interview Preparation Course
Personal Statement Review

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