Medical School Admissions Services

Prepare successfully for entry into a UK medical school

Boost your chances of getting into medical school

Want to study medicine at a top Medical School? The success of your university application doesn't only depend on your admissions test score: you will also need a strong personal statement and you must prepare to interview with admissions teams. Here at Kaplan, we offer courses and resources to give you the edge on your competition.

Interview Preparation Course
Kaplan Interview Prep

Our interview course equips you with the strategies and tactics to handle common interview questions found in traditional medical school interviews and MMI formats. We provide 7 hours of intensive interview instruction from medical professionals.

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MMI Preparation
Multiple Mini Interviews

Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) are becoming an increasingly popular interview format among UK medical schools. Our MMI prep offers 4 hours of intensive realistic practice and role play with realistic MMI circuits led by medical school professionals.

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Personal Statement Review
Personal Statement Review

This service provides you with in-depth feedback and guidance from Kaplan's expert teachers to meet requirements that medical school admissions teams look for in successful candidates.

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Admissions Test Preparation

You will be required to sit the UCAT and/or BMAT as part of your application depending on the medical schools you apply to. These admissions exams test different types of skills to knowledge-based tests such as GCCE's or A-Levels. Sign up for a Kaplan UCAT or BMAT course to learn tips and strategies to help you succeed.