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As the leader in MCAT prep, with over 40 years of experience teaching the MCAT, we'll help you to score higher.

All courses include: The most available AAMC practice material + Adaptive QBank + 16 Full-Length Practice Tests + Customized quizzes and study plan + Progress reports and guided practice + 7-book MCAT Subject Review set + Higher Score Guarantee* + Expert Teachers [?] + Mobile Practice [?] + Teacher Support via Email

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MCAT Prep - Self-Paced
From $1799

Full on-demand course with expert guided video lessons, so you can prep on your own schedule.

  • 540 hours of total instruction and practice
  • Full on-demand MCAT course, available 24/7
  • MCAT Channel [?]
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MCAT Prep - Live Online
From $2499

Livestream expert instruction from the convenience of your own home.

  • 700 hours of total instruction and practice
  • Real-time responses during class
  • MCAT Channel [?]
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Topics covered in your Kaplan MCAT course:

  • Compounds, Stoichiometry, Organic Molecules, Newtonian Mechanics, Fluids
  • Thermochemistry, Solutions, Acids & Bases, Electrostatics, Magnetism
  • Electrochemistry, Organic Reactions, Aldehydes & Ketones, Carboxylic Acids, Light & Optics
  • CARS Passage Structure and Strategy, Argument Structure, and CARS Questions: Foundations of Comprehension.
  • Wrong Answer Pathologies, CARS Questions: Reasoning Within the Text, CARS Questions: Reasoning Beyond the Text, and Triage in the CARS Section.
  • Amino Acids, Enzymes, Proteins, Molecular Genetics
  • Metabolism, Reproduction, Nervous System, Endocrine System
  • Metabolic Regulation, Organ Systems, Immunity
  • Biological Bases of Behavior, Learning and Memory, Motivation, Emotion, Formation of Identity, Research Design, Data Analysis
  • Psychological Disorders, Group Psychology, Social Behavior, Sociology

Targeted Practice

We offer supplementary options for those looking for additional MCAT practice.

Adaptive Quiz Bank - $199

Over 2,000 personalised questions, with in-depth answers & explanations.

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Practice Test Pack - from $179

Boost your score with 3 full-length practice tests.

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Free Resources

New to the MCAT? Start your preparation by learning about the MCAT structure & scoring.

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