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Course Features

Prep for the LSAT with Online Learning Experts

For over a decade, we’ve taught hundreds of thousands of students score-raising strategies using virtual classrooms. Our team of experts are here to get you ready for that test day, whenever it may be.

Our Live Online courses are taught by our highly experienced instructors, providing you with an interactive and personalised prep experience and guaranteed results. You’ll be able to communicate with your teacher and other students in real time, and complete your prep experience with extensive online resources.

You can be confident that with Kaplan’s Live Online programme, you will master the LSAT come test day.

With Kaplan's Live Online course, you will receive:

32 Hours of Core Classroom Instruction

Eight 4-hour lessons with an expert Kaplan teacher held live online so you can learn in the comfort of your own home.

Access to 180+ hours of extra live, highly-interactive workshops. Choose electives by difficulty level, topic or faculty.

Course Books

Comes with the LSAT Unlocked: Course Book Edition and LSAT Lesson books to be used for homework and out of class assignments.

Practice Tests

You'll take 3 full-length proctored practice LSAT exams in class.

PrepTest Library

Want to practice with real LSAT exams? Our prep was designed to integrate with LSAC’s official digital practice tool. Just subscribe for $99 on the LSAC website (we’ve decreased our price by $99 to make up the difference). You’ll get year-long access to 60+ practice exams with an official test interface. If you’re already subscribed, you’re good to go. You’ll see the practice resources in our syllabus.Access to 60+ official practice tests with LSAC’s LSAT Prep Plus tool ($99 subscription purchased from LSAC)

Adaptive Learning Technology

Kaplan's exclusive Smart Reports technology provides you with customised homework assignments based on your practice test scores and progress.

Teacher Support

You'll be fully supported, with access to your teacher via email even after your classes have finished.

Higher Score Guarantee*

Kaplan maximises your chances of acing the LSAT with its money back guarantee*.



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Why Live Online

Why Choose Kaplan's Live Online Course?

Want to learn more about our most flexible study option? Check out our course introduction to see how Live Online comines the benefits of classroom tuition with the convenience of remote access, and see exactly what to expect with our Live Online Demo video.

Introduction to Kaplan Live Online

LSAT Live Online Demo