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Expert admissions advice from Kaplan's advisors.

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Service Overview

Maximise your chances of admission to the US law schools of your choice with Law School Admissions Consulting.

Kaplan's Law School Admissions Consulting service allows you to work with an expert consultant who will review your law school applications and work with you to ensure you make the best possible impression on admissions committees. This is a bespoke, one-to-one consulting service which can be used to cover any aspects of your applications where you would like help - from writing compelling essays and personal statement, to soliciting recommendations, or choosing the best programmes for you.

Admissions Essays

For most students, the focus of admissions consulting is the law school admissions essays, which are your opportunity to stand out from other applicants, and the most challenging part of applying to selective law programmes for any candidate.

You will benefit from a critique of your essays by an expert who is familiar with what US law schools are looking for. The consultant will assess your essays with an objective and experienced eye, and suggest ways in which you can improve them to make the best impression. Your consultant will not write your essays for you! They are there to provide expert constructive criticism and work with you to craft the best essays you can.


Packages & Enrolment

Law Admissions Consulting Packages

Package Price Enrol
6 Hours ($1085) Enrol 
10 Hours ($1595) Enrol 
15 Hours ($2360) Enrol 

When you register for consulting, a member of our Academic Team will contact you to discuss your requirements and assign you a consultant. Many people prefer to meet face to face with the consultant upon your first meeting, but after that you can do much of the work by telephone and email, in order to make the most of your time. The service is also available completely remotely, so your location is no barrier to working with an expert consultant.

We are happy to discuss with you your specific needs and what can be covered in different timeframes.