Preparing for the LSAT®

Are you applying to law school in the US? Your LSAT score is a vital factor in determining if and where you go to law school. In fact, at many US law schools, your LSAT will account for over 50% of the admissions decision. Admissions committees use your LSAT score to establish if you have the academic ability to succeed in law school.

An outstanding LSAT score is not the only factor that is considered and won't necessarily get you into the law school of your choice, however a low score is likely to keep you out. If you didn’t get the score you hoped on the LSAT, you should consider re-taking it. Admissions committees often focus on the most recent score.

How to approach the LSAT

The LSAT is a standardised test and there standard ways of approaching it, such as question type strategies, time-management techniques, etc. It is vital you understand the format of the exam and the ways you can use it to your advantage, both of which significantly increase your score.

You should plan to prepare extensively for the exam to help you build the skills, techniques and confidence to score your best. This is especially important due to the intensity of the LSAT and the competitiveness of today's law school admissions environment.

Kaplan provides complete prep for the LSAT

Two-thirds of law admissions committees agree: Your LSAT score is the most significant factor in the law school application process. Kaplan will ensure you gain a higher score on the LSAT with our complete preparation programmes.