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  • Online Course Features

Online Course Features

What to expect from this IELTS Academic course

Our IELTS online course for IELTS Academic combines authentic full-length tests from Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment English with strategic and score-raising teaching from Kaplan. The course will help you fully understand every task type on all four sections of the IELTS Academic Test, whilst applying Kaplan's unique score-raising testing techniques to help you effectively approach the test.

We provide trusted and test-like practice questions with expert guidance to develop your reading and listening skills whilst enhancing your speaking section responses. Through our video lessons and expert feedback on writing samples, we will also help you develop your essay planning and writing skills. No matter what stage you are at, whether you are taking IELTS for the first time, or you are retaking the test, this course will support you towards achieving the high score you want!

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It's important to note that a minimum IELTS band score of 4.0 (CEFR B1) is suitable to follow the teaching on this course.

The course is designed to ensure that you are able to approach your IELTS Academic test with confidence. The learning outcomes for this course include the following for every IELTS section , and much more:

  • Master strategies to approach different question-types, and learn speed reading skills.
  • Understand speaker purpose in listening and learning how to detect persuasion, and concluding thoughts.
  • Expertly express ideas clearly when speakingwhilst using accurate pronunciation.
  • Organise your ideas clearly in writing, explain graphs, and apply correct punctuation and grammar consistently.

Introducing: Rapid Grading for IELTS Writing

Submit your writing piece for evaluation by a Kaplan IELTS expert within 24 hours.

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What's included?

140+ video lessons

Access our complete online library of IELTS instructor-led videos, taught by our highly trained and expert IELTS tutors. Our video lessons span 18 hours in total, and will break down the IELTS exam into test sections and question types, teaching how best to approach each one and gain the maximum marks possible. Unique interactive videos that prompt you to progress through your learning resources are also available to guide you with your learning.

4 authentic full-length practice tests

Test yourself with these full-length practice tests, which help you to track your progress and act as a guide to find out when you are test ready.

NEW! IELTS Flashcards

Practice with 200 flashcards that include high-impact vocabulary in 10 key IELTS topic areas, from Science & Technology to Globalisation, and definitions and example sentences.

Personalised Score Reports

You will have access to our Smart Reports™ technology for all your IELTS Listening and Reading practice items - the system clearly outlines your strengths and weaknesses so you know exactly where to focus.

Homework Assignments

Just like in the classroom, each lesson comes with a homework assignment including a series of short videos or samples based on the topic of your original lesson, followed by some practice questions or exercises. These act as a valuable tool to ensure that you fully master the lesson material.

Email Support

Benefit from teacher email support for the duration of your course, to be confident that you're on the right track with your IELTS Academic preparation and that you're using the testing techniques effectively.

Available 24/7

Bring our IELTS course to you! Receive 6 months' access to expert instruction for all areas of the test through video tutorials, practice materials and homework exercises. Available 24/7 on demand, for total flexibility.

The online study centre, where all these resources are found, is mobile compatible and supported by iOS & Android, so you can prep easily on the go.

IELTS Online Preparation Course - $65
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