IELTS Preparation

Why take the IELTS exam?

The IELTS exam is recognized worldwide and tests English knowledge in everyday situations. Test-takers must prove their English ability in speaking, writing, listening and reading. The better you score on the IELTS exam, the more opportunities you will have when it comes to choosing your preferred place of study or work.

The IELTS exam enables you to:

  • Prove your English-speaking skills
  • Study or work in an English-speaking environment
  • Gain insight into your current level of English

IELTS Preparation Options:

IELTS Premier Book

This detailed book examines the most important language skills and strategies needed to succeed on the IELTS exam. Our book combines Kaplan's exclusive score-raising tactics and 8 practice tests and 900+ practice questions, with detailed explanations you need to increase your chances of getting the high score you want.

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IELTS Course Locations

Find a course near you, delivered by one of our Kaplan Certified Education providers at over 10 countries worldwide. You'll benefit from the Kaplan methods and premium study materials, as well as the quality teaching and facilities in a location near you.

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Free IELTS Resources

Test your English skills, with our free Test Your English Quiz or get a preview of IELTS test day with our free IELTS Practice Test. This is a great way to give you an idea of how "test-ready" you are and help guide you towards weaker areas that need extra review and practice.

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