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Prep Options

Kaplan's HPAT course in our most convenient medium!

Kaplan's HPAT-Ireland Self Study course is designed specifically for students that prefer to study on their own and work through the material at their own pace. This course is also a flexible alternative for students that can't make it to either our Classroom or Live Online course courses. 

Option 1: $340
HPAT - Self Study

Over 100 instructional videos, broken down into bite-sized topic and test-section videos. This helps you easily review the topics where you require the most help.

10 full-length practice tests, allowing you to put your knowledge to the test and build your endurance and stamina for test day.

Personalised score reports which enable you to identify sections of the test and even question types you could improve upon.

HPAT Strategy Book providing additional practice questions, worked examples and explanations of the strategies involved when tackling the HPAT exam.

Access to your Online Study Centre 24/7 right up until you take the exam in February each year.

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Option 2: $550
HPAT - Self Study PLUS

Get the full HPAT Self Study course, PLUS tailored online private tutoring from an expert Kaplan teacher. This package includes:

2 hours of online one-to-one tutoring sessions providing instructor-led guidance and immediate answers to your concerns and questions in support of your independent study.

Flexibility to study when works best for you. Once enroled in the course, our team will assign you a tutor based on your time and date preferences.

Personalised instruction to make the most of your study. Tackle areas of weakness, receive tailored one-to-one support, or master strategies in your sessions.

Access to your Online Study Centre 24/7 right up until you take the exam in February each year.

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Self Study FAQs

What's the difference between the Self Study and the live course options?

The Self Study course covers the same material as the live course options. However, it consists of recorded online video content instead of live teacher instruction. The Self-Study course offers greater flexibility for study, as you can access it 24/7. However, this also means that it requires more independent study, as you would not interact with our teachers. 

When can I access my course?

The earliest date that students will have access to the Self Study course is from October. All students' access will be set to expire in late February (the day after the exam). So it's best to sign up early and you will benefit from longer access!

Need more information? Call Us Toll Free in Ireland
1800 817352
(Weekdays 10am-10pm GMT)


How do I book my tutoring sessions?

Once you have purchased your private tutoring sessions from the Plus course, we will contact you to discuss your availability and match you to a tutor.

How do I make the most of my 2-hour tutoring sessions?

We advise that you work through your Self Study course first before you begin your private tutoring sessions. This will allow you to focus your tutoring hours on any areas where you need the most help.

How do my tutoring sessions take place?

Our tutoring sessions take place online either via Skype® or through our Adobe® Connect software. Our teachers will use webcams so you can hear and see your teacher - just like in-person tutoring.

Do I need special software to take part in the sessions?

The only thing you might need to download would be Skype® (if you do not already have it), so as long as your web browser is up to date, there should not be any specific software required to take part in your sessions. 

Find out what other Kaplan students thought this year...

Thomas G, Classroom Course Student.

This course is one of the main reasons I achieved a place at medical school. It gives you a massive confidence boost over all the other candidates you are competing against. It really does prepare you for one of the hardest tests I have ever done. After the course you know exactly what to expect and all the small things you can do to ensure you get the highest result possible.

Molly P, Classroom Course Student.

The classroom course was well organised and very helpful in teaching specific approaches to each section. I found the online material especially helpful. Completing a practice test every day in the week leading up to my test really helped to prepare me!

HPAT Classroom Course Student

I much liked the manner in which [our teacher] explained the information required of us to retain, working through examples step-by-step, making sure each and every one of his students understood the underlying principles of each of the sections of the HPAT. He proved to be very patient when one of the students had a hard time grasping the concepts and rushed no part of the course.

HPAT Classroom Course Student

Kaplan are understanding, helpful and their staff are very genuine people!


HPAT Classroom Course Student

I found the HPAT preparation course very helpful. The instructor was very engaging, answering all questions thrown at him.


HPAT Self Study Student - Jan 2017

The HPAT Self Study course was very easy to use, I could access the site and video lessons on many of my devices, it always managed to motivate me.

HPAT Self Study Student - Jan 2017

I highly recommend Kaplan. At the beginning I was very stressed but through the course I became confident. Without Kaplan I wouldn't be able to achieve such results!

HPAT Self Study Student - Feb 2017

My experience was wonderful. The course helped me greatly and the resources and sections provided were excellent. The Kaplan representatives were extremely kind and helpful with handling any queries I had whilst I used the course, and the study centre was very pleasant to use and laid out very well. All of the resources were easy to access and very beneficial, and the lessons were invaluable.
On the day of the HPAT I felt confident and prepared to take the test.

HPAT Classroom Course Student - Jan 2018

I found the classroom course and the online resources very beneficial and I feel more prepared and ready to sit the HPAT exam in February.

HPAT Self Study Course Student - Jan 2018

My experience on this course was overall a very positive one. The fact that I had these useful resources available at any time, and at any place was a plus. The videos were very helpful and I now know more about the HPAT than I thought I would.

HPAT Classroom Course Student - Jan 2018

The teacher on my course was clear, thorough, and very friendly. I found the Strategy Book to give a good indication of the real test with very detailed and instructive explanations. Overall, the course has made me much more confident in my approach to answer HPAT questions.