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2-Day classes in Dublin, Belfast and London.

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Course Details

View details of our lesson breakdown and for a more detailed overview of our HPAT Classroom Course features take a look at the chart below.

Our HPAT Classroom Course includes:

2 day live course

We will take you through all the techniques and strategies that you need to ace the exam in just two days. You will build on this knowledge with ongoing access to your personal online study centre.

Teacher support until test day

You will have email access to our entire teacher network to answer all of your questions and concerns, right up until exam day.

10 full-length practice tests

Your practice tests will enable you to test your knowledge and build your endurance and stamina for test day.

Over 100 recorded video lessons

You can access your video lessons online at any time to help you to review any section of the live classes.

HPAT Strategy book

You will work through the HPAT Strategy Book to learn proven strategies for the every question type on the exam.

Personalised score reports

These enable you to identify sections of the test and even question types you could improve upon. This will really help to guide your study and make sure that you are using your prep time efficiently.

Detailed explanations for every question

All of our answers come with a detailed explanation, to help you develop an understanding of the question types and help you to work faster through the test.

Access until test day!

We want you to make the most out of the materials we provide, so you will be able to review the recorded lessons and practice tests right up until the day of the exam.


Course Schedules

Select a class from our schedules!

We provide a range of course dates from November to February on key periods when you may find it most convenient to focus on HPAT test preparation.
Choose a course date and location that suits you from the schedules below, however if you prefer to study more independently our HPAT Self Study option is also available.

Classroom courses have come to a close for the 2019 HPAT test

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Why Kaplan?

Internationally trusted test prep provider since 1938

With over 75 years of experience and market-leading expertise in medical admissions tests, we provide a unique preparation approach to the HPAT exam.

 100% teaching time

No time with your teacher will be absorbed by sitting practice tests. We focus our class time on ensuring you understand the different sections and question types and how to approach them.

 Test-like practice

We extensively research and analyse the exam to create realistic testing materials, ensuring no surprises for our students on the day of the exam.

 Most up to date materials

Our experienced team of curriculum writers and content developers review and update our course materials every year to ensure that we provide you with the most accurate and efficient prep on the market.

 Personalised score reports

We have developed a brand new online study centre to house your course materials and track your progress. This will help you to easily identify the sections and question types where you need to focus.

 Clear, defined methods & strategies

Unlike many prep providers, we have broken down the HPAT exam into clearly defined question types, and will provide you with strategies for each type. This approach is a proven Kaplan method that has helped tens of thousands of students score higher.

 Kaplan trained teachers

Our teachers are not only experts in the HPAT exam, but are also excellent teachers - two skills that do not always go hand-in-hand! All of our teachers are experts in their field and are usually practising doctors or medical students. Our training process is rigorous and we review our teachers on an ongoing basis to make sure that our high standards are met in every class.

Course reviews from former Kaplan students

Thomas G, Classroom Course Student.

This course is one of the main reasons I achieved a place at medical school. It gives you a massive confidence boost over all the other candidates you are competing against. It really does prepare you for one of the hardest tests I have ever done. After the course you know exactly what to expect and all the small things you can do to ensure you get the highest result possible.

Molly P, Classroom Course Student.

The classroom course was well organised and very helpful in teaching specific approaches to each section. I found the online material especially helpful. Completing a practice test every day in the week leading up to my test really helped to prepare me!

HPAT Classroom Course Student

I much liked the manner in which [our teacher] explained the information required of us to retain, working through examples step-by-step, making sure each and every one of his students understood the underlying principles of each of the sections of the HPAT. He proved to be very patient when one of the students had a hard time grasping the concepts and rushed no part of the course.

HPAT Classroom Course Student

Kaplan are understanding, helpful and their staff are very genuine people!


HPAT Classroom Course Student

I found the HPAT preparation course very helpful. The instructor was very engaging, answering all questions thrown at him.


HPAT Self Study Student - Jan 2017

The HPAT Self Study course was very easy to use, I could access the site and video lessons on many of my devices, it always managed to motivate me.

HPAT Self Study Student - Jan 2017

I highly recommend Kaplan. At the beginning I was very stressed but through the course I became confident. Without Kaplan I wouldn't be able to achieve such results!

HPAT Self Study Student - Feb 2017

My experience was wonderful. The course helped me greatly and the resources and sections provided were excellent. The Kaplan representatives were extremely kind and helpful with handling any queries I had whilst I used the course, and the study centre was very pleasant to use and laid out very well. All of the resources were easy to access and very beneficial, and the lessons were invaluable.
On the day of the HPAT I felt confident and prepared to take the test.

HPAT Classroom Course Student - Jan 2018

I found the classroom course and the online resources very beneficial and I feel more prepared and ready to sit the HPAT exam in February.

HPAT Self Study Course Student - Jan 2018

My experience on this course was overall a very positive one. The fact that I had these useful resources available at any time, and at any place was a plus. The videos were very helpful and I now know more about the HPAT than I thought I would.

HPAT Classroom Course Student - Jan 2018

The teacher on my course was clear, thorough, and very friendly. I found the Strategy Book to give a good indication of the real test with very detailed and instructive explanations. Overall, the course has made me much more confident in my approach to answer HPAT questions.