Free GRE® Sentence Equivalence Sample Questions

Practice the Sentence Equivalence Question Type.

These questions require you to identify the two answer choices, that when inserted into the sentence, correctly complete the sentence and produce sentences of similar meaning.

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Sentence Equivalence

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Directions: Select the two answer choices that, when used to complete the sentence, fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole and produce completed sentences that are alike in meaning.
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The residents, who for many years relished the safe, idyllic surrondings of their suburban neighborhood, have in recent months faced ____________ of vandalisim.

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In her laudatory _________, the food columnist captured the spirit of the hotel dining room.

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Although the subruban townhouse seemed like a good value, the buyer _____ when the real estate agent asked for a commitment.

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In contradiction to the _____ cat, the dog is the quintessential pack animal.

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Reginald's ______ aut was spry for her age but nonetheless required help in ascending the staircase.