Which Test Should You Take?

Both the GMAT and GRE exams are now widely accepted for many MBA, Specialised Masters, and Graduate programmes. Many top MBA programmes now accept the GRE test for admission, in place of the GMAT. In addition, many Master's programmes now accept GMAT scores instead of a GRE score.  

Make sure you check with the school where you're applying, to see what tests are accepted.

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Have a choice, but not sure which one to take?

You can easily assess your skills with a free GMAT practice test or free GRE practice test to gauge your current score level and learn your areas of strength and weakness.

Here is a quick overview of the differences between the two exams:

Test Who Requires It? Test Structure Test Format Scoring Key Differences Price
GMAT Required test for admission to most business schools and some graduate schools. Analytic Writing: 1 essay: 30 min.
Integrated Reasoning: 30 min.
Quantitative: 62 min.
Verbal: 65 min.
TOTAL: 3.5 hours (incl. breaks)
Computer-adaptive test Overall score ranging from 200-800, in 10 point increments; plus subscores for each individual section of the test. Quantitative section often considered more difficult. $250 +VAT
GRE Required test for admission to most graduate schools and a growing number of business schools. Analytic Writing: 2 Essays: 30 min. each
Quantitative: 2 sections: 35 min.
Verbal: 2 sections: 35 min.
Experimental section: either math or verbal. (not scored)
TOTAL: About 4 hours
Computerised multi-stage test The Verbal and Quantitative scores ranging from 130 to 170 in 1-point increments. The essay is scored from 0-6 in .5 point increments. English vocabulary strongly tested $195 +VAT

What does this mean?

MBA applicants may not need to take the GMAT in order to get into certain business schools if they've already taken the GRE and their score is still valid. If you find the GMAT daunting and think the GRE might be better for you, then you may have the choice of taking either test, depending on which programmes to which you are applying. 

So, if you have a strong maths background or English is more difficult for you then the GMAT might be the better exam for you to take. Vice versa, if you have a strong English background but struggle in maths then the GRE may be the better option for you. 

Still Can't Decide?

If you're confused about which test to take then speak to the admissions team at your target school. They will be able to answer any questions you have and tell you which test is required. If you can take either test, you should make a decision based on your own strengths.


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