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In GMAT Sentence Correction, you will typically encounter long and involved sentences. A part, or all, of the sentence will be underlined, and you will be asked to find the best version of the underlined section out of the original or one of four other choices. The sentence may contain no errors, or it may contain one, two, or more errors.

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Sentence Correction Practice Questions

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Directions: The following questions consist of sentences that are either partly or entirely underlined. Select the answer choice that represents the best revision of the underlined text. Choice A duplicates the original version. If the original seems better than any of the revisions, then choose it.
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The activism of state citizens, who have demanded safer road conditions as well as stiffer penalties for intoxicated drivers, have lead to a significant decrease in the number of traffic accidents.

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States now have an incentive to lower the blood alcohol level that constitutes drunk driving by a federal law that withholds highway funds from those states that don't enforce the applicable standard.

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Unlike other primates, which are born with fully formed craniums, a newborn human baby's cranium consists of eight bones that take years to fuse together fully, allowing the brain to grow much larger during those early years.

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With a boiling temperature of -195.8 degrees Celsius, nitrogen composes approximately 78 percent of the volume of the atmosphere.

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Because women buy approximately 80 percent of ties sold in the United States, they are often displayed near perfume or women's clothing departments.