Where and When to Take the GMAT:

You can take the GMAT in most countries around the world throughout the year. Because the GMAT is a computerised test, there are no set test dates – simply make an appointment at a local testing centre on a day to suit you.

Where to Register:

You must register via the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), the test makers. Registration is available online at www.mba.com where you will be able to view your nearest testing locations and book an appointment.

Test Cost:

The cost to take the exam, or "appointment fee", is currently $250 USD, plus any applicable local taxes (i.e. 20% VAT in the UK). GMAC takes most major credit cards. As of April 30, 2019, the cost will increase by approximately $35 USD, depending on exchange rate.

Retaking the Exam:

To retake the exam, simply follow the same procedures. Note that you are only allowed to take the GMAT once every 16 days, and only 5 times per year.

Every time you take the GMAT, your score is recorded and business schools will see all of your scores from the previous 5 years (unless you cancel it), should you choose to send them your score report.

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