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Comprehensive Courses

Study with the leader in test prep and get into the top MBA or Master's programme in the US and worldwide. You'll score higher on the GMAT, guaranteed* with Kaplan's proven techniques and strategies.

All courses include: Accomplished teachers [?] + 5000+ online practice items [?] + Course books [?] + Exclusive features [?]

Choose your delivery method:

Online Course - from $599

Stream live classes and workshops, or watch on-demand.

In-Person Course - from $1590

**Delivered Live Online in 2020**

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Private Tutoring - from $2230

One-to-one customised instruction, in person or online.

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What you'll learn with Kaplan:

  • Understand the breakdown and scoring of the Verbal section.
  • Excel at Critical Reasoning questions, including assumption-based questions, inference, Explain, and Bolded Statement question types.
  • Master strategies for Sentence Correction questions, such as which grammar errors and recognize these common patterns to score more points.
  • Decipher Reading Comprehension questions by zeroing in on keywords and reading for structure can help you get more points.
  • Master Quantitative methods and strategies to make you more efficient at Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency question types.
  • Learn how the GMAT tests:
    • algebraic concepts (isolating a variable, quadratics, and systems of linear equations)
    • arithmetic concepts (fractions, decimals, exponents, and radicals), geometric formulas (such as those for polygons and circles)
    • statistics concepts (median, mode, and range), and how the GMAT tests ratios and proportions, as well as common three-part math formulas such as the average and speed formulas.
  • Plus: learn what skills the test maker is evaluating in Integrated Reasoning section and why the on-screen calculator is not necessarily your friend.
  • Understand the format, scoring, and central task of the Analytical Writing Assessment section.
  • Learn in-depth strategies for attacking Analytical Writing prompts with our Analytical Writing Assessment video workshop.

Targeted Practice

We offer additional practice options for those looking to add to their GMAT studies, or to target specific areas of the test.

Adaptive Quiz Bank - from $99

Over 2,300 realistic GMAT practice questions, with in-depth reporting to identify areas for improvement.

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Practice Bundles - from $149

Boost your score with test like practice, combining our QBank with full-length practice tests, flashcards, and video lessons.

Math Foundations - $299

Online video lessons covering essential maths topics found on the GMAT to help you master the quantitative section.

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GMAT Resources

New to the GMAT? Start your preparation by learning about the GMAT structure, scoring, registration and costs.

Then kickstart your prep with our Free Resources, including practice questions, free trial pack and a full-length practice test.

We also offer admissions consulting to help you create a successful business school application.

Preparing for the GMAT

Applying to business school or graduate school may be one of the most important decisions - and investments - you make in your life. To get into your top choice school, you need to score as highly as possible on the GMAT.

The GMAT is a competitive test with high stakes. You should definitely prepare thoroughly – it is not enough to turn up on test day and hope for the best! It is also not enough for the vast majority of people to simply skim a GMAT book over a weekend.

The MBA admissions process is very competitive

The average acceptance rate at the leading business schools is between 5% and 19%. A high GMAT score is one way to stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of acceptance. With the average score at top U.S. schools above 700 (or the 90th percentile), you must perform extremely well on the test in order to remain competitive and submit a winning application.

The GMAT is still under your control - unlike other aspects!

Of all the components of your MBA applications, many will already be set in stone - e.g. your undergraduate scores, work history, etc. The GMAT, on the other hand, is one of the few admissions factors that you can STILL CHANGE at this point - so be sure to spend sufficient time and effort in maximising the potential gains of this vital aspect of your application.

The GMAT is probably different from any other exam you've taken: it is a computer adaptive exam and includes unique question types such as Data Sufficiency. Preparation and practice are crucial for this unfamiliar test format, and you will need to develop your skills in both content and critical thinking in order to perform well under pressure.

More Studying = Higher Score!

It's no surprise that the more effort you put into something the better the results. That is no different with the GMAT.

The most successful business school candidates allowed 3-6 months to prepare for the GMAT, and test takers who reported studying for 90+ hours yielded scores of 700 or higher.
GMAC™ (2017) Prospective Student Survey

What is the best way to prepare for the GMAT?

Test preparation depends on the individual. The best way for you to prepare depends on many factors: your familiarity with standardised tests, your level of English and grammar knowledge, your work schedule, family commitments, the amount of time you can devote to studying, etc.

At Kaplan, we're here to make test preparation as straightforward and effective as possible. We offer various ways to prepare for the GMAT: attend one of our comprehensive GMAT courses -  in LondonLive Online  or Self-Paced, or consider GMAT Private Tutoring for a completely tailored approach.


Why Kaplan?

Kaplan GMAT Course

Rated 4.4/5 4.4/5 based on 100 reviews from the Beat The GMAT® social network*

Why prepare for the GMAT with Kaplan?

Expert GMAT Instruction

Our courses are taught by Kaplan trained teachers who scored in the 90th percentile or higher on the GMAT.

Teacher support until test day

You will receive full support on your GMAT questions, even after your course has finished, with email access to our teachers.

Access our Online Study Plan

Access 5,000+ practice questions, 9 full-length practice tests with scored Integrated Reasoning sections, and 160+ additional hours of instruction and practice.

Customised Study Reports

Identify and target your areas of improvement with our adaptive learning technology. Smart Reports® provides you with personalised study recommendations based on your individual needs.

Official Test Day Experience

A benefit only available to Kaplan students through our exclusive partnership with Pearson VUE. Our Official Test Day Experience allows you to take a practice test in a real GMAT testing facility.

Higher Score Guarantee*

You will score higher on the GMAT or your money back. It's that simple.




Which test to take?

Many Master’s programmes accept the GMAT in place of the GRE. Similarly, many MBA programmes now accept the GRE in lieu of the GMAT for admittance.

Individuals looking for international employment opportunities or challenging work often consider an MBA programme. Master’s Degree candidates frequently search for specialisation in areas such as Finance, accounting, or management. Whatever your goal, Kaplan can help you get there.

This means that you may be able to decide which test to take, so you can choose the exam that best suits your skills!

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Course reviews from former Kaplan students

Toby S, GMAT Classroom Student, Intensive Course, scored 720

I undertook the GMAT course with Kaplan, my tutor was brilliant, positive throughout with a particularly daunting exam. This and Kaplan's online resources were vital in enabling me to turn a 640 (72nd percentile)into a 720 (94th percentile) in 6 weeks start to finish. Thank you so much.

Ariel, GMAT Classroom Student, scored 720

An excellent course to help prepare for the GMAT. I personally struggled with math, but both the verbal and quantitative sections were equally stressed and taught well. Kaplan's template for writing the essay portion of the exam also made tackling that section much less stressful. Eli is an excellent teacher and always explained new concepts clearly. He also took time to answer any questions during class, and made himself available for additional help before and after class as well as online.

Chyanit S, GMAT Self-Paced Student, scored 710

Just one word "Amazing". Course structure is very well planned out.


GMAT Classroom Student, Weekend Course

My teacher was incredible. Genuinely one of the best teachers I have ever had.


GMAT Classroom Student, Weekend Course

The quality of the materials supplied, the access to the online databases and the quality of the instructors. All of the items provided were truly helpful and completely transformed my study method and results.

GMAT Classroom Student, Intensive Course

The Kaplan course is a great assistance for ANY type of exam, but of course the GMAT especially. The course attacks the GMAT solving methods that always work and are also the quickest. Therefore, a great help with the crucial aspect of the GMAT's time constraint. It helps you dissect the question, which is transferable to all types of exams. I wish I would have done this course prior my university.

GMAT Classroom Student, Weekend Course

Patrick was an excellent teacher. His professional style reflected his passion for the topic and encouraged a collaborative classroom atmosphere. I don't remember a time when I've felt so excited to go to class. Repeatedly having my mind blown by his proofs and stories will always be a fond memory. I am very grateful for his contribution to my learning.

GMAT Classroom Student, Intensive Course

Overall a great course and a helpful institution. It really helps you to give you the tools to do great at the GMAT. The materials provided accompany the course perfectly and it is great to re visit ideas from the class in the book.

Douglas L: “The intensity and teaching style really worked well for me.”

Douglas wanted to prep with reputable provider in a short space of time, so he chose to prep with Kaplan for 2-weeks at our London centre and found the experience just what he needed to beat the GMAT.

David J: “When we do the diagnostic test at the weekends my score increase by a decent number, so clearly it worked.”

David was able to move the date of his GMAT test up a month because of the confidence and momentum he gained from his In Person GMAT course with Kaplan.

GMAT Classroom Student, Intensive Course, September 2018

This class made me feel way more comfortable with the GMAT. It seemed to have touched on every aspect of the test and the amount of practice problems that we went through together was above and beyond what I had expected. And the teacher seemed to be a true expert.

GMAT Classroom Student, Evening Course, January 2018

I was completely lost before I took the GMAT prep course and Kaplan gave me the tools to not only raise my score but be me more confident as well.

GMAT Classroom Student, Intensive Course, August 2018

Enjoyed the GMAT course which met all my expectations. Anju Sood was an excellent teacher and willing to adapt to the different needs and standards of the class. Customer service from Susanna when I booked the class was of a high standard.

GMAT Classroom Student, Evening Course, September 2018

Really easy-to-understand strategy, the right amount of depth on each topic, nice job getting all students involved.