The GMAT® Official Test Day Experience

Take a practice test at an actual GMAT testing centre!

Get the most realistic GMAT practice possible with The Official Test Day Experience - Exclusive to Kaplan!

No other GMAT prep company offers this opportunity

Only Kaplan students can take practice tests at an actual GMAT testing facility. We have an exclusive agreement with Pearson allowing our GMAT students to take a practice test at a Pearson centre before their real test day.

Why is the Official Test Day Experience important?

Realistic practice is essential to a high score on a time-pressured, computer adaptive exam like the GMAT, where familiarity with the format leads to increased confidence and improved performance. Kaplan's Official Test Day Experience is a fantastic benefit of our comprehensive GMAT programmes — and your Test Day success.

By Test Day, your confidence will be at an all-time high — and your score will follow. Give yourself the competitive advantage with The Official Test Day Experience.

Who is eligible for The GMAT Experience?

Students enrolled on GMAT Prep Course, either In Person, Live Online, or Self-Paced, plus Private Tutoring students are all eligible for the Experience.

The Official Test Day Experience is available worldwide, uniquely at centers identified as "Pearson Professional Centers".