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Join one of our free UKCAT Test Review Seminars to review realistic UKCAT practice questions with an expert Kaplan teacher! You'll take a full-length Online UKCAT practice test in your own time before the seminar and then have the opportunity to gain expert insights and tips to raise your UKCAT score.

UKCAT Test Review Seminar Dates

Date Time Location Register
Tuesday 10th July 2012 6.30-8pm   Live Online Register now
Saturday 21st July 2012 2-3.30pm   Live Online Register now
Wednesday 1st August 2012 6.30-8pm   Live Online Register now
Saturday 18th August 2012 2-3.30pm   Live Online Register now

How do I participate in a UKCAT Test Review Seminar?

1. Take the free UKCAT practice test Online

This test is a realistic, full-length UKCAT test! Sign up for our FREE UKCAT Practice Test by selecting FREE Events in the enrollment cart. This test is a realistic, full-length UKCAT test, so you'll be able to experience the question types as they appear on the test, and the fast pace required for the UKCAT.

2. Enrol for a free UKCAT Test Review Seminar to go over the answers with an expert.

At the Test Review Seminar, you'll have a chance to go over questions from each section of the UKCAT Practice Test with one of our teachers, who is a high-scoring expert on the UKCAT. They'll go over many of the twists and challenges on the UKCAT, and give some practical tips to help you maximise your marks on Test Day. Enrol now by clicking on the link below!

Please note that each of our UKCAT Test Review Seminars will cover the same practice questions, so students only need to attend one event.

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Seminar Location

Test Review Seminars are held Live Online, so you can attend a seminar no matter what your location. You'll log into our virtual classroom from anywhere with an internet connection. It's live and interactive, just like a physical classroom environment.

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