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Prep for the SAT at your own time and comfort!

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Prep Options

Our most flexible option, totally customisable to suit your schedule!

Our most flexible option is ideal for those who can’t make it to scheduled online and in person classes, or that prefer to work at their own pace! With online access to pre-recorded videos, 1,000+ practice questions, free SAT ebook and proven test-taking strategies, we will help get you test-day ready.

SAT Prep - Self Paced

Instructor-led mini video sessions: Unlimited access including 40 hours of expert video instruction in 5-15 minute lessons.

Smart Reports Technology (exclusive to Kaplan): Analyses your test performances and provides personalised study recommendation.

24/7 access for 6 months: Flexible and convenient, you can prep on your own schedule with 24/7 access anywhere with internet access.

Quiz Bank plus online reports: Over 250 questions with full explanations.

8 full-length practice tests: With score analysis fully integrated into your curriculum.

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Live Online Essentials

Now you can combine your SAT Self-Paced prep with our SAT Channel!

Self-Paced course included and Access to the SAT Channel: With 30+ hours of interactive live streamed teaching from Kaplan's best instructors, available to watch on demand 24/7.

Personalised study plan: A customised SAT study guide that targets your weaknesses to help raise your score. 8 full-length practice tests with score-review to track your progress.

1,000+ online practice questions: Unlimited access to practice questions and hours of online lessons accessible via all mobile devices: smartphones, tablets and desktops.

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Why Self-Paced Prep?

If you can't make it to a scheduled class time or if you just prefer working at your own pace, Kaplan's Self-Paced course makes it easy for you to get the quality prep you need. Just log in to your online account and you're on your way to a higher exam score!

With over 1,000 online practice questions (accessible via all mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and laptops), comprehensive progress reports and in-depth test-taking strategies, our most flexible option is guaranteed to get you test-ready.


With self-study, you get the Kaplan advantage:


Study at your own pace from anywhere in the world with internet access! Truly our most flexible package yet, designed to help you succeed and geared towards your success.

Kaplan-Certified Instructors

Six months of 24/7 access to video tutorials on score-raising strategies for all topics tested on the SAT. Tutorials are delivered by expert Kaplan teachers, all of whom have scored in the top 90th percentile or above on the SAT.

Practice Tests

Eight full-length practice tests for the SAT with comprehensive score analysis, allowing you to understand which areas need improvement.

Customised Study

Personalised study plan and learning targets tailored to your individual needs. This includes over 1,000 online practice questions and 50 hours of instructional lessons taught by expert SAT teachers at your disposal.

Progress Reports

Track your progress with our fully integrated performance reports, allowing you to measure progress as well as performance on your practice tests and homework assignments.

Higher Score Guarantee*

Kaplan offers the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry. Score higher on the SAT or your money back.



What You'll Learn


Here’s what the 40 hours of video lessons in our On Demand course covers from start to finish. Watch the topics at your own pace and take practice tests in between to help you feel completely ready for test day.

Section What to expect
Diagnostic Practice Test

First, you will take a live proctored, full-length practice test to assess your current performance, strengths, and weaknesses. You will get a score instantly as well as a customised study plan and study recommendations based on your diagnostic test in your online study center.

Session 1:
Introduction and Heart of Algebra

During this first session you will:

  • Have an introduction to the SAT and your Kaplan course.
  • Learn the Kaplan Method for Math, Linear Equations, Systems of Equations.
  • Learn how to apply the Kaplan Method for Math to two topics in the Heart of Algebra category: linear equations and systems of equations.
Session 2:
Problem Solving and Data Analysis

During this session you will:

  • Learn Rates, Ratios, Proportions, Percentages, Two-way Tables, Statistics, Probability.
  • Have an introduction to the Kaplan Method for Multi-Part Math and how to use it to make the multi-part questions in both the Calculator and No Calculator math sections.
  • Practice your Problem Solving and Data Analysis skills.
Session 3:
Passport to Advanced Math

Turing this session you will cover:

  • Exponents, Radicals, Polynomials, Rational Expressions and Equations, Functions, Quadratic Equations.
  • How to use the Kaplan Methods ready know to master questions from a wide variety of topics, ranging from exponents and radicals to functions and quadratic equations.
Session 4:
Additional Topics in Math

During this session, you will review the most crucial geometry that you need to know for Test Day using the Kaplan Methods to tackle questions on lines, angles, triangles and other geometry topics.


During the session you will cover:

  • The Kaplan Method for Reading Comprehension, Reading Test Passage Types, Reading Test Question Types.
  • How to read passages critically, construct effective passage maps, and answer each passage's questions correctly and efficiently.
  • How to conquer each of the various Reading question types: Synthesis, Global, Command of Evidence, Connections, Vocab-in-Context, Rhetoric, Detail, and Inference.
Session 5:
Expression of Ideas

During this session, you will learn to master the Kaplan Method for Writing & Language, the Kaplan Method for Infographics, Organization, and Effective Language Use.

Session 6:
Standard English Conventions

During this session you will cover the remaining topics in Writing & LanguageSentence Structure, Conventions of Usage, and you will review everything you've learned during your course together.

Session 7:

This optional video covers the Kaplan Method for the SAT Essay, providing you with everything you need to know to plan, write, and revise a high-scoring essay. While the SAT Essay is optional, many colleges require it, so opting to take it can improve your chances of getting into a top school. With practice and the Kaplan Method, you'll be better equipped to succeed on Test Day and beyond.