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We bring the classroom direct to you! Study from anywhere, all you need is the internet.

The Live Online option gives you the ability to prep for the SAT from the comfort of your own home (and pyjamas…) 18 hours of classes that are scheduled, with the teacher and whiteboard visible on your computer screen. As this is held in real-time, you can interact with the teacher and fellow students directly, getting answers to your questions on the spot!

What you get

On completing this comprehensive prep and practice:

  • You will learn how to navigate the US style of question asking and testing format
  • You will be able to apply proven Kaplan test-taking strategies to increase your predictive answering skills
  • Improve your writing and grammar, honing your essay planning and writing skills

Ultimately, we will help you to increase your score on Test Day!

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What You'll Learn


Here’s what you will cover during each session of our Live Online course.

Section What to expect
Diagnostic Practice Test

First, you will take a live proctored, full-length practice test to assess your current performance, strengths, and weaknesses. You will get a score instantly as well as a customised study plan and study recommendations based on your diagnostic test in your online study center.

Session 1
Kaplan Methods for Reading Comprehension and Math

During this first session, you will develop strategic tools to help build your confidence and allow you to complete practice questions more efficiently, including:

  • How to identify passage types.
  • Create passages maps.
  • Confidently predict and match correct answers in Reading.
  • How to navigate Calculator and No Calculator Math tests and applying it to linear equations in algebra.
Session 2
Kaplan Methods for Writing and Infographics, Systems of Equations, Paired Passages, and Ratios

In this session will learn to master you the Kaplan Method for Writing & Language and the Kaplan Method for Infographics, including:

  • Confidently use the infographics that are on every section of the test.
  • Practice systems of equations and rates, ratios, proportions, and percentages.
  • Tackle Paired Passages in the Reading section.
Session 3
Multi-Part Math, Statistics and Probability, Rhetoric, and Organization

In this section you will learn to masterthe following:

  • How to apply Kaplan Method for Multi-Part Math to questions on ratios and proportions and statistics and probability.
  • How to answer Rhetoric questions and recognise an author's purpose and point of view and how decide why an author chooses certain words.
  • How to create passages maps.
  • How to answer questions on how an author organizes a passage and manages transitions.
Session 4
Command of Evidence, Functions, the SAT Essay, and Quadratics

During this session you will learn:

  • How to apply the Kaplan method for reading to answer Command of Evidence questions and identify textual support for a previous question.
  • How to use the Kaplan Method for the SAT Essay so you can confidently plan, write, and revise a top-scoring essay.
  • How to skillfully answer questions on function notation, compositions of functions, transformations, and other topics relating to functions.
  • A variety of ways to solve quadratic equations, as well as how to identify graphs of quadratics.
Practice Test

Take another live proctored, full-length practice test to further customise your study plan and recommendations, allowing you to refine your practice even further. Put all those Kaplan strategies that you've learned in class to the test by taking another full-length practice test.

Session 5
Vocab-in-Context, Exponents and Radicals, Punctuation, and Sentence Structure

During this session you will learn:

  • How to apply the Kaplan Method for Reading Comprehension to Vocab-in-Context questions and recognise the author's meaning when using particular words and phrases.
  • How to simplify expressions and solve equations involving exponents, radicals, and polynomials.
  • How to apply the Kaplan Method for Writing & Language, by answering questions involving conventions of punctuation and sentence structure.
Session 6
Geometry, Details and Inferences, Effective Language Use, and Putting It All Together

During this final session you will learn:

  • How to answer questions involving lines, angles, triangles, and three-dimensional solids.
  • How to handle Detail and Inference questions.
  • How to apply the Kaplan Method to questions on effective language use.
  • Review all the skills you have learned and use them to feel confident on test day!

Course Materials

Course Materials

SAT Course Book

Containing both the lessons and homework that will be taught and reviewed in each classroom session.

SAT Study Sheet

Two-sided sheet covering the most important concepts that will be tested on the SAT. It can be used as a reference for homework, or as a quick review on test day.

Online Study Center

Access a range of quizzes, practice tests, instructional videos and more:

  • Customised Study Plan: These will be formed on the basis of your diagnostic test results and performance in the quizzes.
  • Instructional Videos: Each skill within a program's scope and sequence has an instructional video led by a Kaplan-trained instructor. The video’s last between 4 and 8 minutes and focus on a specific aspect of the SAT.
  • Guided Practice: Each Guided Practice module contains three practice questions about a specific aspect of the SAT. If help is needed, you can receive a hint from the system.
  • Quizzes: Based on specific SAT aspects, these take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
  • Progress and Performance Reports: Ability to review overall score from practice test results.