SAT® Prep - In Person

Expert classroom instruction at our London centre.

  • Standard Course

Standard Course

The SAT In Person course is our most popular SAT option!

Ready to succeed on the SAT? Our classroom course provides 18 hours of personalised instruction from top scoring, expert SAT instructors at our central London location. You’ll also receive access to Kaplan's exclusive SAT Channel, with additional online practice customised around your progress.

After the course, you will:

  • Be confident navigating the US question styles and testing format
  • Be able to apply Kaplan's proven test-taking strategies to increase your predictive answering skills
  • Have improved your writing and grammar, and honed your essay planning and writing skills

View details of the extensive features included in your course, and see what's included with the accompanying Online Study Centre.

Ultimately, we will help you to increase your score on Test Day!

Session Topic Duration
1 Practice Test 1: Diagnostic 4 hours and 30 minutes
2 Introduction
Topic 1: Introduction to the SAT
Topic 2: Introduction to Critical Reading
Topic 3: Introduction to Math
Topic 4: Introduction to Writing
3 hours
3 Critical Reading
Topic 5: Homework Review, Preview Quiz, and the Kaplan Method for Reading Comprehension
Topic 6: The Kaplan Method for Paired Passages
Topic 7: The Kaplan Methods for Writing Multiple-Choice
Topic 8: The Kaplan Method for Sentence Completions
3 hours
4 Practice Test 2 4 hours and 15 minutes
5 Math
Topic 9: Homework Review and the Kaplan Method for Math
Topic 10: Number Properties, Divisibility, Percents, Ratios, and Averages
Topic 11: Functions and Symbols, Exponents, Inequalities, and Absolute Value
Topic 12: Lines and Linear Graphs, Quadratic Equations, Nonlinear Graphs, and Angles
3 hours
6 Essay Writing
Topic 13: Homework Review and the Kaplan Method for Essay Writing
Topic 14: Pronouns, Parallelism , Comparisons, and Ambiguity
Topic 15: Function and Inference Questions
Topic 16: Function and Inference Questions
3 hours
7 Practice Test 3 4 hours and 15 minutes
8 Math
Topic 17: Homework Review, Preview Quiz, and Review of the Kaplan Method for SAT Math
Topic 18: Triangles, Circles, Polygons, and Complex Figures
Topic 19: Probability, Ratios, Sets, Sequences, and Permutations and Combinations
Topic 20: Math Quiz
3 hours

Find out what other Kaplan students thought this year...

Aditya S., SAT Summer Programme

I took Kaplan's SAT prep course in the summer and I received a final SAT score of 2230. I thought the classroom course was really brilliant and there is no way I'd have gotten anything close to that score without Kaplan's help. Definitely huge feedback from me!


SAT Classroom Student, October 2016         

There are so many resources available at your hands once you sign up. Not only do you have your instructor, they also help you work through the book and you have loads of online resources.

SAT Classroom Course Student, October 2016

Kaplan was very helpful in not only helping me understand the material better but also in giving useful tips and methods on how to answer the questions efficiently.

SAT Live Online Student, September 2016

Prep through Kaplan puts you at a higher advantage than most because you tackle the core topics that you'll see on the test. The instructors are also there for you.

SAT Self-Paced Student, October 2016

I have already recommended this course to at least three or four people because of the great study services.


SAT Classroom Course Student, September 2016

I feel as though my instructor put a lot of time and effort behind each and every one of his lesson plans. He was thorough with his advice to help everyone in the class improve on the SAT.


SAT Live Online Student, September 2016

The Kaplan methods were incredibly helpful since they kept every question organised. I learned a lot more than I would have if I had tried to study on my own. The practice tests really created an accurate test setting and gave instant feedback with detailed answers and explanations. I find myself unconsciously using the Kaplan methods at school, and they have helped me achieve better academic levels in many subjects.


SAT Classroom Student, January 2018

Really helpful course and also made more enjoyable by staff. Timings appropriate not having to get up extremely early or get home very late.