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Course Features

GRE Prep Self Paced
Prep on your own schedule with 6 months' access to an online course with expert video instruction
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GRE Prep Live Online
Attend live, online classroom sessions from the convenience of your own home
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GRE Prep In Person
Classroom based tuition in London, taught by Kaplan's expert teachers
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GRE Private Tutoring
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Preparing for the GRE

How important is it to prepare for the GRE? Admissions committees for US masters programmes assess your GRE score to determine if you have the academic ability to succeed in graduate school. An outstanding GRE score won't always get you into the school of your choice, however, a low score will probably keep you out. You should consider taking the GRE again if you scored poorly. Admissions committees usually focus on your most recent score.

How should you approach the GRE?

The GRE is a standardised test; therefore, there are standard ways of approaching it —time-management techniques, question type strategies, etc. Understanding the exam format and the ways you can use it to your advantage can increase your score significantly. Because of the competitiveness of today’s US grad school admissions environment and the intensity of the GRE, we highly encourage you to prep formally for the exam. The structure that preparation provides can help you build the skills, techniques and confidence to score your best.

What GRE Score Do You Need?

Your own expectations and goals will determine what you consider a good score. You should keep in mind what scores top graduate schools consider as competitive. Information on average test scores at different schools and programmes is readily available. Research the schools on your list and ascertain their average GRE scores, and then develop a preparation plan to achieve your desired score.

The GRE will help to support your undergraduate grades and helps admissions officers compare you with students from other schools. If your grades are lacklustre, an outstanding GRE score can help you prove that you are really capable of higher academic performance than your grades illustrate. For an older, non-traditional student, GRE scores can attest to the fact that you are still capable of the necessary academic and thinking skills. The GRE Subject Tests are meant to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject you plan to study in grad school.

In addition, lots of US graduate programmes base financial aid packages on the GRE (especially on your total score) including teaching assistantships and fellowships. Numerous state and federal financial assistance programs are based partly on the GRE. Application fees may also be waived for students with high GRE scores.


Why Kaplan?

Why prepare for the GRE with Kaplan?

Expert GRE Instruction

Our courses are taught by Kaplan trained teachers who scored in the 90th percentile or higher on the GRE.

Teacher support until test day

You will receive full support on your GRE questions, even after your course has finished, with email access to our teachers.

Access our Online Study Plan

Access 5,000+ practice questions, 7 full-length practice tests with scored Integrated Reasoning sections, and 180+ additional hours of content.

Customised Study Reports

Identify and target your areas of improvement with detailed breakdowns of where you're improving and where you still need work. Complete with personalised study recommendations based on your individual needs.

Official Test Day Experience

Exclusive to Kaplan- Take a practice test at a real PrometricTM test centre where you will sit the actual GRE.

Higher Score Guarantee*

You will score higher on the GRE or your money back, guaranteed.



Which test to take?

Many Master’s programmes accept the GMAT in place of the GRE. Similarly, many MBA programmes now accept the GRE in lieu of the GMAT for admittance.

Individuals looking for international employment opportunities or challenging work often consider an MBA programme. Master’s Degree candidates frequently search for specialisation in areas such as Finance, accounting, or management. Whatever your goal, Kaplan can help you get there.

This means that you may be able to decide which test to take, so you can choose the exam that best suits your skills!

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Course reviews from former Kaplan students

GRE Classroom Student, Weekend Course

The excellent teaching, that made preparing for the exam genuinely enjoyable.

GRE Classroom Student, Weekend Course

It has been a pleasure attending the classes and I have been inspired to think of both language and mathematics in new and exciting ways.

GRE Classroom Student, Weekend Course

Kaplan was great in providing me with an essential foundation and structure to study which I otherwise could not have created myself.

GRE Classroom Student, Weekend Course

One of the best teachers I ever had.

GRE Student, 2018

Very satisfied with the course content and moreover with customer service.

Kaplan GRE Student

Helped me achieve a top score on the GRE.

Kaplan GRE Student

The quality of the materials was decent and the volume of good quality practice questions was excellent.

Kaplan GRE Student

The quality of the materials was decent and the volume of good quality practice questions was excellent.