Why take a Kaplan BMAT® course?

We are often asked by both students and parents, whether or not you need to take a course to do well in the BMAT exam. Applying to Medicine or Veterinary Science requires the following achievements:

  • Top GCSE and A Level results

  • Related extra-curricular activities

  • A memorable personal statement

  • BMAT scores

As the BMAT exam is held only once per year, it is really important to make sure you go into the exam confident and armed with the techniques and strategies to answer these tough questions. We prepare hundreds of students each year for this very tough exam and are proud to provide the most thorough and digest course in the market. 

Why take a Kaplan BMAT course?

Our BMAT teachers

Kaplan BMAT teachers have all scored in the top 10% in the BMAT exam and go through a rigorous training programme, which we have designed to assess their teaching ability, including: auditions, teach-back sessions and student feedback (through structured student surveys after each class). This is imperative, as not all high scorers make good teachers!

Our Online Study Centre

We have created a brand new online component for all our BMAT course students, housing all full-length practice tests and also recorded video lessons to complement those in class (a great way to recap on anything you have forgotten). It also features personalised reports based on your results and categorises your progress by test section and even question type, helping you to target your study efficiently

Teacher support, even after the course!

Although you can go through a text book and a number of practice questions, during a course you will benefit from interaction with a teacher, have your questions answered and learn from the feedback from an expert in this field. This teacher support will be provided to you right through until the BMAT test day

Everything you need to know over a set range days!

Our comprehensive BMAT course covers all the strategies and techniques you need to master each of the test sections. We guide you through many worked examples, showing you how to approach each question type and problem. We also provide you with a reminder of the scientific topics and key formulae required for the exam. We do not waste valuable teaching hours invigilating students taking our practice tests, all teaching hours are filled with worked examples and learning of key strategies.

Feedback on your draft essays

Once you have completed your course, you will have the tools and techniques to complete your 6 full length practice tests. Once you have completed each test you can submit your Writing Section essay and we will return it to you with full feedback and explanations of how you could improve them. All of our practice tests come with complete answers and explanations for each question, to make sure you are able to identify where you need to improve.

Test-like Practice Materials

We review our materials every year to ensure that, all of our methods and strategies are up to date and as test-like as possible for each test season. All practice tests provided can are paper based and laid out just like on the real exam, so there will be no surprises on test day.

What BMAT preparation option is right for you?

Everyones likes to study in different ways, so we have adapted our course to suit a number of preferences. 

  • If you are looking for a classroom experience, where you will interact with your teacher and fellow classmates, our Classroom Course (available at a number of locations across the UK) or our Live Online Course would be suitable options for you. 

  • If you are looking for one-to-one tuition with a tailored learning structure to suit you, then our Private Tutoring options would be the best option for you. We offer private tutoring sessions both in-person or live online, which helps us to reach students from a wider reange of locations and time-zones. 

  • If you prefer to work on your own or are unable to stick to a set schedule for your instruction our BMAT Self Study option would be a great option for you.