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Expert advice on the US application process from Kaplan's elite faculty.

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Consulting Overview

Admissions Consulting Packages

We understand the stress of naviagtig the complex process of applying to an American university. So we offer you a personalised approach to help your application stand out amongst hundreds of others, increasing your chances of admissions success.

Our range of Admissions Consulting packages enables you to select the number of hours that best meets your needs. A sample outline of the process (and approximate timings) can be found below:

Initial Meeting (1 hour)

Discuss goals, clarify which and how many universities you are applying to (five to eight is the recommended number), as well as your preferred area of study. Identify your strengths and achievements.

Plan and Edit Essays for Each Application (1-2 hours per essay)

It's important to understand how to best present yourself in an application essay. Major US universities receive thousands of applications each year and the essay is part of what helps applicants stand out from the crowd. Many students already have great grades - we narrow in on your unique strengths that highlight you from the other applicants. The essay is the perfect opportunity to bring your talents and accomplishments to the foreground, being careful not to do so in a boastful or self-serving way.

Transcript and Recommendation Guidance (1 hour)

Most US universities require two to three letters of recommendation. It's important that your recommendation letters contain the most effective content (American recommendation letters tend to use more enthusiastic language) and that they highlight your successes inside and outside of the classroom.

Reviewing Application Forms (1-2 hours)

Different universities have different application processes. We will review each school's admissions procedures with you and guide you through each application.

Discussing Financial Aid and Scholarships (1 hour per application)

While UK students cannot use UK financial aid to attend a US university, it is unlikely that you will have to pay the full advertised price listed on the university's website. Our consultant will review options available to you, both in terms of financial aid and scholarships.

6 Hours ($1350) Enrol
10 Hours ($1950) Enrol
15 Hours ($2875) Enrol