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Why Kaplan?

Why you should prepare with Kaplan...

We'll provide you with the tools you'll need to break down the questions and systematically reach sound conclusions. 

Kaplan's Unique Teaching Approach

We focus on the strategies and critical thinking skills needed for this exam

Our unique Decision Tree provides a systematic approach for application and analysis level questions.

We'll teach you how to pinpoint common traps.

Build your testing stamina to make sure you finish strong.  

Comprehensive Online Resources

Practice Questions - Our Qbank has over 2,100 test-like practice questions , all featuring complete explanations.

You can customise your own practice tests to help test yourself on what you are currently studying. 

Online Study Centre - 3 months of 24/7 access, including online streamed lectures, so you can fit study around other work and family commitments.  

Flexible Course Options

We offer a variety of preparation options for our students such as: Live Online, Self-study and Qbank options, to suit every style of learning and fit around every busy schedule. 

Adapted for International students

Our courses can be adapted to help international students looking to become a nurse in the U.S. We provide our international NCLEX-RN students with: 

  • An International Nurses Workbook

  • Extra Dosage and Calculation Workshop

  • Additional International Nurses Online Seminar 


Preparation Options

NCLEX Preparation Options

NCLEX-RN Prep - Live Online

Our popular live online course: receive 21 hours of real-time virtual tuition from the comfort of your home or office, as well as 24 hours of recorded material! You will also have access to our complete online study center, complete with practice questions and practice tests with full explanations and feedback. 

NCLEX-RN International Prep - Self-Paced

Access over 300 videos in essential nursing topics at your own pace. Access 7 full length practice tests, the NCLEX Channel and the Qbank for 4 months.

NCLEX-RN Prep - Self-Paced

Practice with 3400 test-like questions in the NCLEX interface, access the Qbank, the NCLEX Channel and a content review ebook for 3 months.


Receive over 2,100 NCLEX practice questions, practice exams and more. 

NCLEX-RN Computer Adaptive Test

Receive the most realistic prep possible with 3 full-length dynamic tests that increase in difficulty as you answer correctly. Enhance your practice with 6 months' access.

NCLEX-RN Content + Practice Pack

Practice with everything included in the CAT and Qbank unlimited, with access to the NCLEX Channel and on-demand YouTube style videos from experienced educators.

I just got my results back and I've passed the exam. I can't believe it, I thought I failed the exam as all I can remember was the questions are very hard and the computer shut down after 75 questions. I had to let you know that I did what you taught in class during my exam..., and I passed.

Kuei Hsiu, NCLEX Student

I'm really relieved that I managed to pass the test first time and I'm certain that the Kaplan course played a major role in that result. So much so that I'm letting my colleagues that are taking the test know all about Kaplan and recommending the course to them.

Karen South, NCLEX Student