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Qbank Features

Our NBDE Part 2 Qbank is the ideal option, if you are looking for a self paced option that allows you to tailor your preparation to your own individual strengths and weaknesses. 

Over 2,000 realistic exam questions

Improve your performance with complete and detailed explanations that discuss why the correct answer is correct, as well as why the remaining options are incorrect. 

Customized practice tests

Target your practice with customized tests through timed or tutor mode, or by subject, only unanswered questions and more. You can really benefit from a program tailored to you!

Track your performance

Our continuously update "Bank Statements" provide you an insight into your progress and areas  of weakness that will require further focus. This is graphically displays your performance by discipline and organ system. 

Flexible Study

Study at you own pace, wherever you are during your enrollment period, all you need is internet access. 

Add Lecture Notes 

NBDE Part 2 lecture notes cover clinical dental science and include 10 dental case studies complete with Radiographs, Dental Charting and a strategy guide. 


Options & Pricing

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NBDE Part 2 Qbank (1 month) $99 Enroll Now
NBDE Part 2 Qbank (until your test) $199 Enroll Now
NBDE Part 2 Qbank with Lecture Notes (until your test) $289 Enroll Now