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Course Details

Online HPAT preparation you can trust

Kaplan's test prep courses get results. Our market-leading prep options and industry expertise have helped tens of thousands of students gain entry to medical school for both graduate and undergraduate programmes.

Our HPAT Online Course is an extensive resource for HPAT preparation and test-day readiness. We equip you with online practice, and tuition through a strategy book and teacher-led video lessons, to ensure that you have the techniques to achieve a high HPAT score.

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HPAT Online Course features

Over 100 recorded video lessons

10 hours of instruction are broken down by test section and topics in bite size videos. This helps you to easily review the topics where you require the most help.

10 full-length practice tests

These allow you to put your knowledge to the test and help to build your endurance and stamina for test day.

HPAT Strategy book

This is to be used in conjunction with your course. It also provides additional practice questions, worked examples and explanations of the strategies involved when tackling the HPAT exam.

HPAT Strategy Sessions

These recorded workshops offer essential advice, tips and tricks for test day.

Personalised score reports

These enable you to identify sections of the test and even question types you could improve upon. This will really help guide your study and make sure that you are using your study time efficiently.

24/7 Access!

Access your online study centre including all your comprehensive HPAT practice resources at any time during the day, with teacher support via email.

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HPAT Private Tutoring

Looking for more? Get online one-to-one instruction from an expert tutor. Prices start from $785

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Why Kaplan?

Internationally trusted test prep experts

We have drawn upon our years of experience as the world leader in test preparation and combined this with our market-leading expertise in medical admissions tests, in order to design a unique approach to the HPAT exam.

Why choose to study with Kaplan?

 Our reputation

We have over 75 years of proven expertise in standardised test preparation. Our HPAT prep options provide you with the tools, strategies and practice required to achieve great scores in this high stakes exam.

 Clear, defined methods & strategies

Unlike many prep providers, we have broken down the HPAT exam into clearly defined question types, and will provide you with strategies for each type. This approach is a proven Kaplan method that has helped tens of thousands of students score higher.

 Quality practice

Our team of experts extensively research and analyse the exam to create a quality course to help students succeed on test day.

 Most up to date materials

We ensure that our course materials are up-to-date with relevant techniques, strategies and practice. Our experienced team of curriculum writers and content developers are true test experts.

 Personalised score reports

We have developed a brand new online study centre to track your actions as you progress through your course materials. This will help you easily identify the sections and question types where you need to focus.

 100% teaching focus

We believe that the true value of a prep course is in learning from an expert who will teach you key strategies and techniques to score higher on the exam. Our video lessons focus on teaching valuable test strategies, and our online Private Tutoring sessions are led by teachers who don't spend valuable timing taking practice tests.