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Free HPAT Trial

Free HPAT Trial

The HPAT free trial will provide you with a sample of what you will receive in our HPAT test prep courses.

You will get special access to video content featuring proven tips on the best ways to approach questions, and you’ll get a practice test with a unique score tracking report to see how you perform!

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Free Taster Class

What to expect of the HPAT exam?

All the information you need to kick-start your HPAT prep!

Join our free online HPAT seminar Thursday 15th November and receive a useful overview of this test, its timeframe and question types. The session will be led by an experienced HPAT teacher who will emphasise how the HPAT is scored and structured and will give you a taster of Kaplan strategies and time-saving techniques.

Opportunities to ask questions will also be provided!

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Join on Thursday 15th November, 6.30pm - 7.30pm BST within our online virtual learning environment.
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