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Our GRE Channel provides students with unlimited access to Kaplan's top-rated GRE faculty for hours of additional live instruction. You’ll be able to review key fundamentals or enhance your skills with advanced sessions covering the most difficult GRE topics. 

The most live GRE instruction available

Browse channel episodes by topic and difficulty level, or even instructor; picking the lessons that will benefit you the most. During all live lesson broadcasts, you can ask questions directly to the instructor in real time and engage with the other students. 

Participate live or watch later with recorded sessions available in the archive 24/7.

Participate live or watch later with recorded sessions available in the archive 24/7.

Attend as many sessions as you want. Pick the episodes that benefit you most, so you only watch the content that is relevant to you.

You can browse lessons by topic, instructor, or difficulty level.

Here are some of the episode topics you can watch:

Reading Comprehension: Reasoning Questions

Join these lessons to learn more about dissecting an argument or how to evaluate a pair of contradictory statements. 

Data, Frequency, and Probability Distributions

If you are aiming for a high score, these topics are important to master since they are frequently tested in the high difficulty level quantitative sections.  

How to Build Your Vocabulary

A strong vocabulary is important for the GRE. During these lessons, we will teach you important skills for building a solid vocabulary for GRE success. 


Learn the value of Backsolving and how to make the most of the answer choices, and practise using the choices in other creative ways to gain more points.

Coordinate Geometry

Haven't done coordinate geometry in a while? These lessons are a great way to brush up your skills on a topic you might not have used in awhile.