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  • What is the Channel?
  • What is Covered?

What is the Channel?


Enjoy live streaming GMAT prep from our best U.S. instructors

Our GMAT Channel provides you with unlimited access to Kaplan's top-rated GMAT faculty for extra live instruction. Instead of watching hours of content review, you can pick and choose the episodes that will benefit you most. You’ll be able to watch an unlimited amount of live sessions and engage with other students in real-time. Improve your skills with focused episodes, so you can gain more points in less time.


Hone your skills on challenging topics

Find a certain topic challenging or complex? You can browse episodes by topic and difficulty level, picking the lessons that help you the most. During all of our live lesson broadcasts, you and other students can ask questions directly to the instructor in real time, comment and share notes with the other students. Can't make a session? All broadcasts are recorded so you can view whenever you want.

Learn from top-rated instructors that teach to your needs

All of our instructors are score-qualified GMAT experts, but if you find a particular teacher who explains things in a way you like, you can choose the episodes they teach and continue with them!



What is Covered?

You can browse lessons by topic, instructor, or difficulty level.

Here are some of the episode topics you can watch:

Reading Comprehension Basics: Structural Reading

There's so much information in reading comprehension passages that understanding the meaning can be difficult. We can help you learn to read for key points and identify keywords that highlight the most important points.

Yes/No Data Sufficiency

Yes/No Data Sufficiency questions provide different challenges from Value DS questions. In this session, we'll practise Yes/No questions so you can learn how to best manage the nuances of this question type.

Solving Word Problems

Don't let points get lost in translation. Word problems can feel overwhelming without practise. In this session, we will teach you how to sharpen your ability to translate words into math.

Backsolving & Number Sense: How to use Answer Choices

Learn the value of Backsolving and how to make the most of the answer choices, and practise using the choices in other creative ways to gain more points.

Argument Structure: Identifying Assumptions

Practise breaking down GMAT arguments into conclusion and evidence, and how to find the assumptions that are essential to most Critical Reasoning question types.

Inference & Explain Questions in Critical Reasoning

In this session, you practise attacking the Critical Reasoning questions that require Inference and Explain questions, two question types that do not rely on finding an assumption.

Integrated Reasoning: Multi-Source Reasoning

Integrated Reasoning is becoming increasingly important to business school admissions officers. Join this session to practice the Multi-Source Reasoning IR question type.

Geometry Advanced

Want practise with extra-tough Geometry questions? Join this session to build experience dealing with difficult topics such as multiple figures and solids.

Analytical Writing Assessment

Join us and learn how to write an effective GMAT essay.