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Course Features

We have designed a bar review course specifically for foreign applicants looking to take the bar exam in the state of California. You will receive all of the comprehensive prep of our general bar review course, plus additional features that address the necessary skills and knowledge that are vital to an excellent score in the California Bar exam.

Includes Complete Bar Review On Demand

Access all the lectures, materials and study assets included in our Complete California Bar Review course, in addition to all the following features exclusive to our LL.M students.

LL.M. Fundamentals Pre-Course

Exclusive to LL.M students is our LL.M Fundamentals course including in-depth coverage of U.S. legal writing, analysis, and multiple-choice test-taking strategies. These sessions will also work on teaching you the eight most heavily tested legal topics. You will also have instant access to 4,000+ MBE practice questions, our MBE Foundation course and our flashcards.

Closed Caption Lecture Videos

All your lecture videos, including your California Bar Review general course, will come with closed captioning to make it easier to follow along and take notes.

Personalised Pass Program

Your adaptive online syllabus works with you to create a completely tailored program, based on your strengths and weaknesses. As a result, you will receive tailored homework assignments designed to strengthen your weaker areas. Once you have completed the pre-course and the general California bar review material, we will analyse your performance and produce a final study plan.

Unlimited Essay Grading

Essay grading just like the bar- no vague comments. Your essay is graded like the bar examiners will on test day and your feedback comes from academic attorneys, to ensure we are providing as test-like an experience as possible. You can submit as many essays as you want, we have found our students that submit more essays tend to see a greater improvement in their score.

4,000+ MBE Practice Questions

The most practice available! As the MBE accounts for 50% of your overall score, we want to make sure that you have plenty of the most test-like practice material out there, ensure no surprises on test day.

Study Materials

You will receive our full set of comprehensive course books, Bar Note Lecture Companion sheets and outlines with roadmap diagrams. Our LL.M students are also exclusively provided with Professor’s editions’ of the Bar Notes along with the Student copies that are both pre-populated so you do not miss any key-words or phrases.

Highest-rated** Mobile App

Prep on the move with lecture videos, practice questions and flashcards available on our top-rated app. Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Money Back Guarantee*

Pass the bar or your money back - we guarantee it!


Course Format

The Kaplan approach gives you efficient strategies to use your legal knowledge in a way that is tested on the Bar exam. You will have instant access to LL.M Fundamentals, MBE questions and flash cards. Your online lectures will be available 24/7 from 90-days before the exam. The course as a whole is structured in the below five stages:

Step 1: LL.M Fundamentals Pre-Course

Get an additional 10 sessions of in-depth coverage of U.S. legal writing, analysis, essay and performance test preparation, multiple-choice test-taking strategies, and build your knowledge of the heavily tested items on the bar exam exclusively for LL.M. students.

Step 2: Personalised Pass Program

Our Personalised Pass Program tracks your progress and adjusts your assignments from the moment you start our course with our diagnostic exam, all the way until the final days leading up to the bar with our personalized Final Study Plan based on how you personally are performing in each area of law.

Step 3: General Bar Course

Only with Kaplan will you get completely filled out bar notes, so that you can just watch and listen to the lectures (rather than frantically take notes). We are the only company to offer unlimited and unconditional essay grading! You can start handing in essays to our Kaplan Certified Essay Graders and receive detailed feedback, so that you can write exactly how the bar examiners want in order to maximise your points.

Step 4: Full-length Simulated Bar Exam

We are the only company to provide you with a full-length bar exam at the end of the course, so you can get the nerves out with a “practice run”. On the day of the real exam, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Step 5: Final Study Plan

The final two weeks will consist of a personalised study plan based on your strengths, your weaknesses, and what is heavily tested on the bar exam. This will ensure you are using your time in the most efficient and effective way possible to maximise your points.

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  • How will I learn all the law as I’ve only taken 1 year of US classes? LL.M. students are usually most worried about this aspect of the bar. Your concerns should actually be with the essays and not with learning the law. LL.M.’s actually don’t usually struggle here as the lectures are very clear and it’s easy enough to learn a subject in the span of two days.
    We do not guide all students at the same speed through the material and our Personalised Pass Program takes into account that you’ve only been studying for one year. We will track exactly where you are struggling highlight these areas with you.
  • What do LL.M.’s struggle with the most? Definitely the written portion. LL.M.’s tend to need a lot of practice in this area especially since many of these topics are new to you and you aren't likely to have experience writing on these subjects. Kaplan is the only company to give unlimited and unconditional essay grading. We also allow you to start your practice as soon as you want to ensure that you can do multiple essays per subject as is recommended. Additionally, our Kaplan Certified Essay Graders will provide feedback by continuing to adjust your writing style to fit exactly what the bar exam requires for a passing answer.
  • What kind of practice will I get? The most test-like practice. At Kaplan all of the Essays and Performance Tests are the ones that actually showed up on your state bar exam. For the MBE, we are the only company that has the PMBR questions, which have been rated as being the most test- like questions out there to ensure that you are getting the real experience of the Bar with your practice every day!
  • Can I start studying immediately? We provide you with early access, so that you can start immediately! Although the general Bar Review portion of your course will begin 90 days before the test date you will have access to over 2,000 MBE questions, our entire Foundation course, and our flashcards. This is more than any student ever gets close to finishing before the general course starts, but we like to provide this to you just in case you want to get started with your prep now. PLUS, you have full immediate access to our LL.M. Fundamentals Pre-course.