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Workshop features

Enhance your BMAT essay writing skills

The writing section of the BMAT tests you on two things: your quality of written English (graded on a scale between A - E) and your quality of content & argument (graded from 0-5). It's likely you're here because you want to either improve your writing skills and ability to formulate ideas or give yourself as much focused prep to score higher on the test.

This 2-hour live online BMAT Writing workshop is designed to provide concentrated essay writing preparation from a medical standpoint. Based on the analysis of strong BMAT responses, the workshop ensures that you are using the right styles and techniques to write a high-scoring essay. This workshop is also ideal for those who need more ractice with essay writing, or who only take science-based subjects. If you're applying to take the BMAT from countries where English is not the main language of communication, this BMAT Writing workshop is also a great option for you.

By joining this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Create an idea bank ahead of your exam.
  • Target the essay assessment requirements and responses that universities want.
  • Effectively plan and write your essay within the allotted time.
  • Choose the right essay from your options and generate strong examples to support it.
  • Develop a logical and structured approach to an open ended task.
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BMAT Writing Workshop Features:

Concentrated writing tuition

Use the 2-hour live online workshop to fully understand the scoring requirements for section 3 of the BMAT, and master the practical methods and strategies to answer questions with strong arguments combined with excellent quality of English.

Expert BMAT instructors

Our tutors, who score in the top 10% of BMAT test-takers, provide you with proven Kaplan Methods to approach this section of the exam with complete confidence.

Extra BMAT essay writing questions

Take advantage of additional questions to perfect your writing in your own time. These questions will allow you to put all the unique techniques you have learnt, making you ready for BMAT test day.


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What you will learn

Topic overview

Preview the course structure and techniques you will be taught.

BMAT Writing Workshop
Topic 1: Essay Writing Overviews
Topic 2: Essay Writing Mistakes to Avoid
Topic 3: How to Build Content
Topic 4: Choosing the Right Prompt
Topic 5: Planning a Strong Essay
Topic 6: Checking You've Met the Scoring Criteria