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Workshop features

Why take Kaplan's BMAT Physics Workshop?

BMAT test-takers often find the Physics questions to be the most challenging content on the exam. This workshop is specifically designed to meet student demand for physics coaching!

Receive the expert physics training you need, and strengthen your BMAT preparation.
This is a live online workshop where you will master all the physics questions on the BMAT with proven techniques taken from analysis of the most recent BMAT exam papers.

  • Build your physics knowledge on the most commonly tested BMAT physics topics
  • Learn proven methods and strategies for tackling popular and recurring BMAT physics questions
  • Develop strong skills to spot shortcuts for all the BMAT physics question types
  • Identify physics questions which cross over with chemistry content
Sample Question Review

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BMAT Physics Workshop includes:

2 hours of physics review & practice

This concentrated BMAT Physics revision session, will provide a detailed review of key physics areas tested on the BMAT, with topics including radioactive decay, circuits and waves. Within each topic area, you will be taught shortcuts for identifying the questions, with explanations of the formulae to tackle them.

Expert BMAT tutor support

Our tutors, who are in the top 10% of BMAT test-takers, will draw your attention to logical approaches for seemingly complicated questions in an easily digestible way.

BMAT physics practice questions

You will be provided with additional test-like questions covering all the frequently featured physics topics on the BMAT. You'll practice at home to apply your learnings and confidently approach the physics content in the test.


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What exactly is covered?

Course Structure & Topic Breakdown

Preview the course structure and topics, including all the Physics subject areas needed for the BMAT.

BMAT Physics Workshop
Topic 1: Waves
Topic 2: Force, Work and Power
Topic 3: Velocity and Acceleration
Topic 4: Radioactive Decay
Topic 5: Kinetic Energy
Topic 6: Circuits


What topics are covered in the 2 hours?

6 frequently tested BMAT physics topics will be covered in this workshop (see the previous tab for details). Strategies to identify and approach the physics question types will be highlighted.

Will there be practice materials for me to try in my own time?

Yes, you will be provided with a PDF set of BMAT physics questions so you can put the strategies into use.

Will the Physics topics available on this course be all I need to learn for the BMAT?

Our courses include the most test-like and updated practice content for the BMAT.

The topics covered in this BMAT Physics Workshop will offer complete coverage of BMAT Physics topics that feature on the real test.

How does the live online workshop work?

Our Live Online classes take place within an interactive online virtual classroom. You will be able to see the teacher and share questions with other students through chat features. You won't need to install any software, and you will be provided with a link to join the virtual classroom. Your teacher will ensure that everything is set up correctly in the virtual room.