Future Doctors Channel

Live & recorded med admissions and BMAT guidance

The Future Doctors Channel

Future Doctors Channel is a unique live streaming feature of our BMAT courses, offering Medical School application guidance and a bonus of extra BMAT instruction to support students wholesomely with their medical school applications. The sessions are available, live or recorded to BMAT students within the Online Study Centre.

The live sessions are delivered by experienced Kaplan teachers and experts including practicing doctors, current medical students, and admissions guidance representatives. Several topic areas are covered, such as the analysis of a strong personal statement, insights into the medical school experience, a BMAT practice test reviews and much more! You can also chat with our expert channel speakers and students in real-time, to ask questions about the medical school application process which they can shed an insider's perspective on. 

Access to the Future Doctors Channel for BMAT students is available from July on the BMAT Classroom Course, Live Online , Online and Private Tutoring courses.

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Preview the range of channel sessions which you could join

Medical Pathways

Learn directly from practicing doctors about the different routes into a medical career. Learn about their unique experiences and see how they may apply to your own personal circumstances.

BMAT Practice Test Review

Boost your practice with a thorough practice test review led by an experience Kaplan teacher. Learn how to strategically and effectively table some of the most difficult question son the practice test.

Medical School Insider

Join discussions with a current medical school student to get a taste their experiences studying and living at their university.

Analysis of a Strong Personal Statement

Review a sample personal statement and learn exactly what medical school admissions teams consider to be a strong personal statement.

Most Common Interview Mistakes

With direction from a Kaplan and interview expert, identify the common mistakes that applicant makes, whilst gaining insight into behaviours and responses that admissions teams look for.

Graduate Entry to Medicine

Learn from a graduate entry student about the application process, how to differentiate yourself to universities, and how to best prepare yourself for medical school.

Interview Preparation: NHS Topics

Find out about what's new and relevant in the NHS to be knowledgeable in the way you discuss this topic during your interviews.

Writing your best personal statement

Learn how to structure your personal statement and how to portray your experience and skills in a way that will speak to admissions committees. Bring your questions!

Group Guidance with Medical Students

Learn about the admissions process from current medical school students. Each session will tackle different elements of the med school application process. Ask questions and learn from the experiences of medical school students on the panel.