Application Tips

October 4, 2018 - Flutura Selaci

5 Essential Tips to Get Started

1. Make a targets list of the American universities you plan on applying to

Learn about the different application policies and track the application and financial aid deadlines and fees.

2. Find out the university's procedure for sending transcripts and what is needed for the recommendation letter

Don't leave it too late!

3. Understand top key admission factors for US university admissions

Know your standardized tests scores and the scores you need for your target universities.

4. Ask for teacher recommendation letters, and ask early

Most universities ask for 1 to 2 teacher recommendations, but you can send as many as you like and make sure they are the best representation of you possible.

5. Keep copies of everything

If you apply electronically, make sure to print out every page of your application. If you submit a paper application, make photocopies. Ensure you also purchase certified mail or delivery confirmation if sending by mail and keep all postal receipts stapled to your application copes for proof of submission by the deadline. Follow up by calling admissions several days after submitting to confirm they have received all of your materials.


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